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Haugen Attachments

Large Square Bale Spear - Cold Rolled Tines -Haugen Attachments

Large Square Bale Spear - Cold Rolled Tines 

The Large Square Bale Spear has the widest frame that we sell. The 60” wide frame is built strong with quality steel tubing with a heavy-duty universal skid steer mount. We also added a built-in step allowing for easy access to your cab.

This model comes with four bale tines. The tines on the frame ends are 34” in length, and the two inside tines are 42” in length. We find this is the best combination for allowing the tines to penetrate those large square bales easier. All tines are replaceable, and if you want another configuration, then we suggest we can gladly help with that as well.

On this Large Square Bale Spear, we used cold-rolled tines for ultimate durability and longevity. The lifting capacity is well over 7,200 pounds with this setup. We also finish off each of these bale spear frames with a black powder coat to protect against rust and corrosion. If you have any questions about any bale spear, contact us today.

"Think Quality - Think Safety - Think Haugen" Made in the USA


  • Heavy-Duty Frames
  • Frame width 60 inches
  • Two 42 inch Cold Rolled Tines
  • Two 34 inch Cold Rolled Tines
  • All tines are replaceable
  • Universal skid steer mount
  • Available with different mounting options
  • Built-in step
  • 1-year warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • Tines: Two 42” Cold Rolled Tines Two 34” Cold Rolled Tines
  • Weight: 255 lbs

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