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Mini Excavator Attachments

Which Attachments Will Fit My Mini Excavator?

Unlike modern skid loaders, compact excavators do not have universal attachments. Mini excavators can have wedge-style couplers, pin-on mounts, or even proprietary quick couplers.

Mini excavator attachments are sold with blank plates so that any style of the coupler can be added separately. It doesn't matter if you have a Takeuchi, Bobcat, or Sany (or any other brand). We can ensure that the attachment will couple to your excavator!

What Size Attachments Will Work With My Mini Excavator?

Due to the design of compact excavators, it's important to consider the weight of any attachment you are using with your machine to avoid tipping. Extending a heavy attachment on the end of the boom increases the chances of tipping. This risk is compounded on uneven ground.

Manufacturers will set recommended attachment sizes based on the weight of the host compact excavator. Our staff will ensure you get the perfect fit for your mini excavator.

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Popular Compact Excavator Attachments

Our customers continually demand the highest quality attachments for their businesses. Here is a list of our most popular compact excavator attachments.

Grading Beams

We offer grading beams from Skeer Systems, engineered and built in Montreal, Canada. The Skeer Grading Beam has an optional tilt feature that allows up to 80 degrees of movement. The blade is offered in 48", 60", 72", 84", and 100" lengths.

Hydraulic Breakers

Blue Diamond Attachments in Tennessee manufacture our hydraulic breakers. We offer 12 different size breakers to fit any compact excavator between 1,500 to 110,000 pounds. These hydraulic breakers only have two internal moving parts, do not require re-gassing, and have an anti-blank firing system.

Brush Cutters

Five mini excavator brush cutters are available, three for compact excavators and two for large excavators. The Severe Duty models of Blue Diamond mini excavator brush cutters have a radial piston motor to provide the most torque and power. [Learn More Here]

Post Driver

All the post drivers we offer for skid steers can be fitted with a mini excavator mount. Blue Diamond's vibratory post driver is a popular choice for mini excavators as it is lightweight and uses hydraulic orbital technology to drive posts. The reach and versatility of a compact excavator make it the perfect machine for driving posts. [Learn More Here]

Root Rakes

Our mini excavator root rakes come with 1/2" thick tines perfect for clearing brush, rocks, roots, and trash. We have the right size root rake for any machine weighing 6,000 to 15,000 pounds. All excavator root rakes are made in America and have a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Excavator Buckets

We offer John Deere, Kubota, Takeuchi, and Caterpillar excavator buckets. Bucket sizes vary between 12" and 36", with most common couplers available. All buckets come with high-quality digging teeth to break hard ground. If you need a bucket that will leave the material you're working to be less then one inch in diameter check out our line of screening buckets.

If you need a bucket that will leave the material you are working to be less than one inch in diameter, check out our line of screening buckets.

Finance Your Mini Excavator Attachments

There are many good reasons to finance your excavator attachments. Managing your monthly cash flow and taking advantage of tax savings is easier when you finance with our partner bank, CIT. Check it out today. Learn More

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