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Fork Extensions

Fork Extensions

Need a little extra reach from your current forks? Fork extensions may be right for you.

Because leverage can work in your favour or against you, it’s important that you get the right fork extensions for your machine. Have a look below for more information, and feel free to call us if you want to know more.

How Long Of Fork Extension Can I Get For My Forks?

Putting too long of an extension on your forks poses a safety problem. The added leverage on the extension places an incredible amount of force on the underlying forks, frame and host machine. Also, because fork extensions are built hollow to accommodate the host forks, they are not as rigid, and can fail when used improperly.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) has created guidelines and regulations that you should familiarize yourself with when using fork extensions.

In general however, fork extensions should not be longer than 50% of the host fork. For example, if you are purchasing 72” fork extensions, your host forks should be at least 48” long. Anything longer than a 72” extension on a 48” fork will not work.

Will My Fork Extensions Fit My Forks?

Fork extensions are made to accommodate several different fork dimensions. Common fork extension dimensions are 2.5”x5”, 3”x6”, 3”x7”, and 4”x8”. 

Extensions are meant to have some extra room in them so that they will easily fit onto the host forks. For example, 3”x7” fork extensions dimensions are built for host fork tines measuring 2.5”x6”.

What Lifting Capacity Can I Expect From My Fork Extensions?

Not all fork extensions are built equally. Some are built as a “full tube” while others may have three full sides, while the underside is mostly open with the exception of several inches of steel to hold the forks in place.

Therefore the maximum lifting capacity for fork extensions may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Therefore it is best to check with the specific recommendation for the fork extensions you are planning on buying.

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