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Telehandler Loading Box

Loading Boxes & Loading Platforms

Leave the heavy lifting to the body builders. Loading and unloading heavy material and then transporting it is hard work. Not only does it waste your time and energy but it’s also a pain in the back. 

That's how the skid steer’s loading box plays a major role in your fieldwork. In today's post, we're featuring Haugen Attachment Loading Box and  Star Industries Load - N - Tow. 

We will also look at the main uses and benefits of owning your own fork mounted loading box.

What is a Loading Box?

A loading box is an attachment for your skid steer, forklift or tractor designed to lift and move heavy objects. It couples to your machine with fork slots, making it usable with almost any host machine. 

The loading box is a square or rectangular platform with added features like a ramp and a bar to hold the load still and is engineered as a labor-saving tool or attachment. It is like a pallet, reinvented to be more efficient, safe, and powerful. 

One of the most common use cases for a loading box is loading or unloading a pickup truck or flatbed. Take for example if you are transporting 45 gallon drums that are not on a pallet. They can now be rolled by hand onto the loading box at ground level and then lifted up to the trailer or flatbed where they can be rolled on.

If you are looking for a loading box with superior features, Haugen Attachments might be right for you. Marv Haugen Enterprises is a leading manufacturer of work platforms, buckets, and jibs for telehandlers and 50 other skid-steer attachments. They call their loading box the "Renters Helper" and it comes in 2 models.

Best Features of Haugen Loading Box

  • Load equipment easily into pickup beds
  • Unfortunately pickup trucks don’t come with lift gates. Haugen Attachments has solved this problem by creating the perfect tool to load or unload your truck. This is a popular attachment among farmers who need to transport seed bags, chemical totes, and other large items.

  • Equipped with a ramp to roll in heavy equipment
  • Haugen Attachments Loading Box is equipped with a ramp engineered to simplify the loading process compared to other loading boxes. The ramp serves as the initial level that leads your load inside the loading box without causing abrasion or disfigurement of the materials. 

  • Safety barkeeps 
  • Safety bars come standard with the loading box to stop the equipment from rolling out. Once the load is inside the loading box, the safety barkeeps will sit across the edge to prevent the load from moving, helping to secure the load. This is an essential feature when moving items longer distances, and over uneven ground.

  • Optional Trailer Spotter and 1000 lbs lifting position
  • You can add an optional trailer spotter with Haugen’s loading box. This is a 2” trailer hitch receiver, and is a popular option for many of our customers. This option also comes with a 1,000 pound lifting position to sling a load.

    Load-N-Tow – Star Industries

    If you’ve been looking for the most efficient way to load and unload equipment, look no further. The Load-N-Tow is a straightforward method of loading and unloading heavy and awkward equipment. It weighs 330 pounds and has dimensions of 48” wide x 48” deep. It allows for a standard 2” trailer adapter to be attached easily to a trailer. 

    Product Highlights:

  •  Lowered ramps for easy loading and unloading.
  • Optional trailer adapter and hitch.
  • Includes a 3-foot safety chain and grab hook.

  • Conclusion

    Buying aloading box helps to ease heavy work, so selecting a superior product is important. Don’t be fooled by lower quality products coming in from overseas. It’s better to work smart than to work hard!

    Skid Steer Direct has done the research for you. Check out our loading box’s today!