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Skid Steer Manure Fork

What Are The Best Skid Steer Manure Forks?

Want to get the job of removing manure from the barn and tidying stalls done easily and efficiently? You need a high-quality skid steer or tractor manure fork. To help you purchase the right one for your needs, we list the bestmanure forks on the market. With their features and advantages, you can be certain that you're getting the best value.

What is a Skid Steer Manure Fork?

A skid steer or tractor manure fork is an attachment that helps remove bulk waste and loose materials from the farm, barn, stable, or elsewhere. It is commonly used to pick up loose hay, straw, and manure.Manure forks are usually designed with large round tines, making them easy to clean.

Typical compact tractors will have a universal skid steer coupler, making all of our manure forks compatible with skid steers or compact tractors.

Top Dog Attachments Manure Fork Grapple

Designed for manure, hay, and straw clean-up, this Skid Steer Manure Fork Grapple from Top Dog Attachments is a perfect choice for light brush and manure clearing. It comes with a large round-tine design making it easy to wash down after use. 

The dual grapple cylinders have a 2” bore allowing for the grapple to move quicker, so you can load and unload without any delay.

Top Dog manufacturers all of their manure forks right in the United States using only top quality material and labor. 

Product Highlights:

  • This Skid Steer Manure Fork Grapple comes in 3 variants. The 66″ Manure Grapple, 72″ Manure Grapple, and 78″ Manure Grapple. 
  • It has replaceable tines 
  • Flexible and durable 
  • Well bolted
  • Made in the USA

Berlon Industries Master Tool Manure Fork Skid Steer & Tractor

Size: 54 inch, 60 inch, 66 inch, 72 inch, 78 inch, 84 inch

Spear Lengths: 32 inch, 42 inch +$100

This Skid Steer Master Tool Manure Fork from Berlon features heavy-duty spears perfect for skid steers and compact tractors. They are designed for picking up manure, loose hay, and other miscellaneous material around the farm. It comes with steps for easy access into or out of your skid steer. Not only is this product proudly made in the USA, but it is also constructed of high-grade steel. 

Product Highlights:

  • Features strength and flexibility, owing to its polycarbonate construction. 
  • Uniquely Angled Tines
  • The head is large enough to accommodate large lumps of manure.
  • Steps for easy access
  • Standard Conus l 32.4" or Conus I 40" tines; welded in sleeves

Berlon Industries Master Tool Manure Fork Grapple

The Master Tool Skid Steer Manure Fork Grapple from Berlon is a must-have for those who are moving manure every day. The dual cylinder grapple allows for uneven loads to be quickly transported. This product also comes with hoses & couplers, a hose saver, and a needle valve. Plus, this item is USA-made with guaranteed quality, and you can be sure to use this product for a long time. 

Product Highlights:

  • Cylinders are about 3,000 lbs., 2.5" bore.
  • Includes standard Conus l-40" tines; welded in sleeves.
  • It has dual independent claws. 
  • It has Hoses & couplers, a hose saver, and a needle valve
  • Made in the USA

 Top Dog Attachments Manure Bucket  

Sizes:  54", 66’’,72", 78"

This Skid Steer Manure Fork Bucket is ideal for light brush clearing and barn clean up. The large round-tine design makes it easy to wash down after use. Available in 4 sizes to pick from 54" to 78" overall width and from 8 to 12 tines. Tines are easily replaceable making these forks durable and lasting.

Product Highlights:

  • Replaceable tines
  • Durable and available in 4 variants: M54, M66, M72, M78.
  • Made in the USA 

In conclusion

A manure fork is not something you purchase every month, so buy one that will last as long as your skid steer. As with any tool that you use everyday, you would only pick the highest quality.  At Skid Steers Direct, All of our manure forks are made in America, and undergo quality assurance so we can be comfortable knowing that you are getting the best forks on the market.