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Telehandler Concrete Hopper

Highest Quality Concrete Hoppers

We carry the most in-demand brands of Concrete Hoppers in America from Haugen Attachments, Star Industries, and EZG Manufacturing. These manufacturers represent the quality and durability that contractors, rental companies, and developers have come to trust.

Our most popular style of concrete hopper is fork mounted. This is largely due to the ease of use and simple machine compatibility. Skid Steer quick attach mounted concrete hoppers are also available. Call us if you would like your concrete hopper to attach directly to your telehandler. 

Benefits of a High Quality Concrete Hopper

Buying a Made In America high quality concrete hopper saves you money and time.

Being able to safely place concrete in hard to reach places using your telehandler or skid steer eliminates the need for pumps and other equipment.

Keep your mixed concrete directly on your job site to save time and work more efficiently.

Why Do We Recommend The Fork Mounted Concrete Hopper from Haugen Attachments?

As Haugen says, “Think Quality - Think Safety”. This Concrete Hopper is available with a Manual Door or Hydraulic Door giving the buyers the option that suits their preference. This attachment can fit rough terrain Tele-handler or Forklifts and lets you easily place concrete in hard-to-reach areas. 

Haugen’s 3/4 yard manual concrete hoppers is our best selling concrete hopper. It offers a fast lead time and is made in America. It comes standard with fork mounts, and you can upgrade to a hydraulic door.

Haugen’s manual door concrete hoppers are often in stock for the quickest delivery. Call us for up to date availability.

Why Buy the Star Industries Concrete Hopper?

Based in Fort Worth, Star Industries creates versatile machinery attachments for all applications. This Concrete Hopper is suitable for both straight mast and extendable reach Telehandlers. They are fabricated with heavy gauge steel and all-welded construction. With the handle at the front of the chute makes it a popular choice.

Star Industries has designed their concrete hoppers to be fork mounted, and accepts forks up to 7” wide and 3” thick. The fork pocket spread is 39.5” centre to centre making this concrete hopper versatile and able to be handled by most forklifts and telehandlers.

Star Industries concrete hoppers carry an engineers stamp of approval and meet a 3 to 1 or greater safety factor.

Do More with Star Industries’ Concrete Hopper

Star Industries offers an adjustable swivel chute that includes 30” effective length, swings 40 degrees (20 degrees each side), the chute slope is fully adjustable with a chain. 

The discharge gate can be controlled manually or with a handle, which can be positioned on either side.

EZG Manufacturing | Fencer's Cement Hog

This compact and innovative design easily mounts on a skid steer and lets operators dispense cement from either side. Made in Ohio, this is available in 2 variants. It can be used for many different kinds of materials, not just cement, and can pour wet and dry materials, including sand. 

Why EZG's Cement Hog is popular

This is so efficient it can unload one-half cubic yard in two minutes. EZG's Cement Hog comes in two sizes. The 1/2 & 1-yard capacity comes with all the features that make EZG's Cement Hog so popular. After attaching the Cement Hog onto the skid-steer, simply guide the discharge auger tube to the location and pour.  


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