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Skid Steer Concrete Mixer

Highest Quality Concrete Mixers

We carry only the most in-demand Concrete Mixers in America from EZG Manufacturing. Designed and innovated for those difficult pours in rough terrain. EZG Manufacturing is an industry leader when it comes to anything to do with masonry, fencing, and construction equipment, and they have perfected making these concrete mixers. Their commitment to increasing efficiency and profitability with American-made products is a reason they have been in business for over 32 years.


Free shipping with no additional fees upon checkout! We work hard to keep the price of our attachments more affordable than its competitors. Quality shouldn’t have to come at a premium. Price ranges from $4,971.99 up to $9,775.99, depending on your budget and need. 

EZG Manufacturing | Fencer's Cement Hog

This compact and innovative design easily mounts on a skid steer and lets operators dispense cement from either side. Made in America, this is available in 2 variants. It can be used for many different kinds of materials, not just cement, and can pour wet and dry materials, including sand. Hooks to auxiliary hydraulics on your loader or forklift; delivers up to one-inch aggregate. It is very efficient; unloading one-half cubic yard in two minutes. Skid steer loader or small forklift mounting are also options to choose from.

Why get the Mini Mobile Mud Hog

Mini in size but offers the same powerful features as its big brother. Ideal for those who want to save extra space in storage. 


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