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Skid Steer Three Point Adapters

What Is a Skid Steer Three Point Adapter?

A skid steer three point adapter is an attachment that enables your skid steer to connect to attachments that use three point hitches which are common on tractor implements.

Being able to use your skid steer in replacement of a tractor gives your skid steer extra utility and value.

What size Skid Steer Three Point Adapter Do I Need?

Most skid steer three point adapter attachments will come sized as either a category 1 or 2.

The category of a three point hitch determines the hitch pin sizes, lower hitch spacing and horsepower requirements. In turn, these category sizes will also have horsepower recommendations.

A category 1 hitch is designed for 20 - 45HP, while a category 2 hitch is designed for 40 - 100 HP, making these the most common 3 point hitch sizes for modern skid steers.

It’s important to purchase a three point hitch adapter of the same category as the implement you are using it with.

Why Should I Own A Skid Steer Three Point Adapter?

You will need a three point adapter for your skid steer if you plan on using your skid steer with any three point implements or attachments. Skid steers do not have the ability to couple to 3 point hitches without an adapter.

This makes three point hitch adapters a great attachments for customers who also own compact tractors. 

What Should Else Should I know Before Purchasing a Skid Steer Three Point Adapter?

If the three point implement you are using requires mechanical power, it’s important to consider how you will power it when using it with your skid steer rather than your tractor.

Many three point implements are powered by a tractors “PTO” while skid steers commonly power attachments with auxiliary hydraulics.

For example, if you own a three point snowblower that you run off the back of your tractor with PTO power, your skid steer will not likely be able to power this attachment without a skid steer PTO attachment.