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Carpet Pole

Carpet Poles

Moving and stacking heavy rolled up carpet is near impossible without a forklift with a carpet pole attachment. Not to mention how unsafe it would be without the use of proper equipment.

We offer both fork mounted and carriage mounted carpet poles to our customers. On all of our models, poles can be easily exchanged and replaced if you need to move larger or heavier rolls.

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Fork Mounted or Carriage Mounted Carpet Poles?

Some customers will prefer a fork mounted carpet pole so that the attachment can be used with various machines other than just forklifts. Or perhaps you don’t have a forklift at your warehouse, you may have to use a fork mounted carpet poll with other equipment such as a skid steer.

A carriage mounted carpet pole is preferred when you are using a dedicated forklift to move carpets. 

What Should I Look for in the Pole?

A quality carpet poll attachment will have a few features. 

Firstly, the tip of the carpet poll should be rounded and tapered to allow for easier entry into the roll of carpet, while reducing the chances of damage.

The pole should fasten to the carriage with a set screw or something similar to facilitate removal, replacement and repair of the actual pole.

The diameter and length of the carpet poll needs to be considered as well. Typical diameters are 2.5” 2.75” and 3”, while lengths are often 6’, 9’ 10’6” and 12’.

Shorter thicker poles will have higher carrying capacities than longer thinner ones. Be sure to check the maximum pole tip weight rating as well as the 1/2 tip load rating when deciding on a pole.

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