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Excavator Root Rake

Excavator Root Rakes

Use an excavator root rake attachment to clean up debris, roots, brush, rocks and everything in between.

A root rake attachment is one of the best value attachments on the market for mini excavators. A rake for your excavator is often the perfect low cost attachment when your bucket just won’t cut it for clean up jobs.

What Is an Excavator Root Rake?

An excavator root rake couples to your mini excavators arm in place of your bucket.

The design of the rake is similar to a regular garden rake. A dozen or more thin tines are welded into a row designed to be raked along the ground. The design allows for larger debris to be pulled along the ground into a pile, while smaller unwanted stones are left behind.

How Do I Pick the Right Rake For My Excavator?

The size and weight of the root rake should be matched to the size and weight of your mini excavator.

Check the root rake manufacturers recommendations. For example, Blue Diamond builds a dozen different sizes of root rakes to fit host machines ranging in size from 6,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds.

Be sure to order the correct mount for your mini excavator as well. Most root rakes start with a blank plate, and the correct mount for your excavator is bolted on. Unsure which mount you need? Call us, we can help.

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