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Excavator Breaker Hammer

Excavator Breaker Hammers

Use your mini excavator at your next demolition job with a hydraulic breaker.

Given all the utility a mini excavator offers, many companies prefer to use them with a concrete breaker attachment at demolition sites over larger machines such as full size skid steers.

If you are considering the same thing, keep on reading below to learn more.

Choosing The Right Excavator Breaker Hammer

There are a couple important considerations when you are choosing the correct hydraulic breaker for your mini excavator. These include the weight of your breaker and host machine, the hydraulic flow requirements and the tool you are using.

Concrete breaker manufacturers will define a recommended weight range for the host mini excavator. For example, Blue Diamond’s HB210 hydraulic breaker attachment requires the mini excavator to be between 6,100 and 9,900 pounds. Ensuring that your mini excavator falls within this range will ensure that you can lift and manage the breaker without tipping.

Manufacturers also publish minimum hydraulic flow guide lines for their hydraulic breakers. Ensuring your mini excavator is able to produce the correct amount of auxiliary hydraulic gallons per minute will allow for a properly functioning breaker.

Running too much hydraulic flow through the hydraulic breaker will damage the attachment and possibly your mini excavator. Respecting the hydraulic flow requirements and practising proper maintenance will prevent the hydraulic fluid from over heating and causing damage.

Choosing The Right Excavator Concrete Breaker Tool

A regular chisel tool covers 80% of breaker applications. Some customers may have specific needs that require a different tool such as stone crushing.

Proper use of your breaker will keep which ever tool you choose in good working order. This includes ensuring that you don’t over heat the tool and “mushroom” the working end.

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