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Excavator Grading Beam

Excavator Grading Beam

A perfectly level finished grade is easy to achieve with the right attachment. That’s why many companies are choosing to purchase professional grading blades for their mini excavators.

With a grading beam for your mini excavator, you can carry material, push material, and level material with perfect visibility. The grading beam has eliminated the need to switch attachments and machines.

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What is an Excavator Grading Beam?

An excavator grading beam is an attachments designed to grade in much the same way a skid steer grades using a bucket. The main difference is that an excavator grading beam is far more precise.

The grading beam attaches to the end of the excavators arm. It is designed to be wide and flat to give you both a large working width and great visibility. 

On the cab side of the beam, there is an opening to give it a bucket type of design. The bucket side has a cutting edge on the bottom and works to scoop, scrap, and carry material. The back of the beam is flat and works as an excellent surface to push material.

Excavator Grading Beam Options

Tilt and swivel options may be available for some excavator grading beams. This is an option to strongly consider in order to get the most out of your grading beam.

Tilt options allow you precisely angle the blade on angles that you otherwise would not be able to replicate. These options are what makes grading with an excavator grading beam so valuable.

Will an Excavator Grading Beam Work On My Machine?

Excavator grading beams are typically built for excavators that weigh between 3 to 15 tons. This covers most mini excavators.

Grading blades can be coupled to pretty well any modern excavator. It’s important to specify what excavator you will be using when ordering your blade to ensure the proper coupler is added.

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