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Mini Skid Steer Backhoe

Mini Skid Steer Backhoe Attachments

Are you wondering if a mini skid steer backhoe attachment is the right tool for your job? We can help! 

This is one of our best selling attachments largely because of the amount of value and utility it can add to a mini skid steer. They are also often in stock and don’t require long lead times.

We have talked to many customers who prefer to spend a few thousand dollars and have this attachment ready when they need it. If you're planning projects that require digging, you won’t regret having this attachment sitting in your shop.

What is a Mini Skid Steer Backhoe Attachment?

A mini skid steer backhoe attachment is a long hydraulically operated arm with an attached toothed bucket that you operate with your mini skid steers auxiliary hydraulic system. It’s a smaller and simpler version of the digging arm you have seen on the back of a backhoe loader.

You’ll notice that on an actual backhoe loader there are dual arms which pivot against each other to produce a digging action. On mini skid steer backhoe attachments there is only a single arm and the bucket. The difference is made up by the mini skid steers loader arms.

Because mini skid steer loader arms can be lifted vertically while tilting the attachment, only one arm is required on the mini skid steer backhoe attachment.

How Does A Mini Skid Steer Backhoe Work? 

The mini skid steer backhoe attachment operates with a single hydraulic cylinder mounted on the top of the attachment. This hydraulic cylinder is typically about 31/2” in diameter with a 20” stroke. The cylinder is fastened to the top of the backhoe attachment on one end, and to a pivoting linkage connected to the toothed bucket on the other end.

When you apply hydraulic pressure to extend the cylinder, the backhoe bucket curls in to scoop up dirt and earth. When you retract the hydraulic cylinder, the bucket curls back outwards and dumps the earth out of the bucket. 

You do not require electrical power to operate the mini skid steer backhoe attachment. There are no specific requirements for hydraulic flow either. This attachment works very well with low flow hydraulics.

You can purchase this with a mini universal skid steer or mini bobcat mount, making it compatible with nearly any mini skid steer on the market.

What about the bucket?

You can choose which size bucket you want for your mini backhoe attachment right on the product page. They all come with replaceable cast teeth so you can ensure your bucket is always in tiptop shape.

Strong teeth are a must for mini backhoe attachments in order to break hard ground. You can choose between 9” 12” 18” and 24” buckets for your mini skid steer backhoe attachment.

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