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Mini Skid Steer Sod Roller

Mini Skid Steer Sod Roller: Why You Should Use One?

Your clients are expecting the nicest lawn in the neighbourhood. Expertly laying out new sod is the first step in the curb appeal of your home. This can be easily done with a mini skid steer sod roller.

But what is sod anyways, and why do we have to roll it out? Sod is what makes up the grass on your lawn. It is grown in a controlled environment where it can be mass produced, and then is cut into long strips for resale. These strips are rolled tightly and then must be unrolled over your bare lawn.

The size and weight of sod make it best to be unrolled with a mini skid steer or full size skid steer. A sod roller is an attachment for your skid steer that makes unrolling sod easy and efficient.

What is the Best Mini Skid Steer Sod Roller?

The Blue Diamond Mini Sod Roller makes it simple to lay huge sod rolls. Pick up the roll with the attachment and roll the sod out after sliding the roller shaft through the middle of it.

 Mounting themini skid steer sod roller in either a forward or backward position allows it to roll out in either direction. 

The Blue Diamond mini skid steer sod roller comes in 4 different sizes. 36” 42” and 50” as well as one model that is adjustable from 36” to 48”.

Given the design of the mini skid steer sod roller, it can be used to unroll almost any large item such as cables and mine belting.

Why Should I Use a Mini Skid Steer Sod Roller?

Making the effort to purchase a skid steer attachment is definitely worth the time and effort. Laying sod out in a slow and controlled manner to ensure it is placed straight is essential to ensuring quality work. It also has the advantage of reducing labor costs and man hours for contractors and landscapers.

What Mounting Options Are Available?

When you purchase a mini skid steer sod roller, one of our sales representatives will contact you within 1 business day to confirm your make and model of mini skid steer. We will then ensure that you will receive a mini skid steer sod roller with the correct coupler.


Saving time, labour and cost is a top priority for many busy contractors. Trying to move large sod rolls and lay them out by hand isn’t how you work efficiently.

Use your mini skid steer to pick up large rolls and lay them out precisely. Give our sales team a call today to talk about which is the right mini skid steer sod roller for you.