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Skid Steer Grapple

Skid Steer Grapples

The skid steer grapple is one of my favourite attachments. My son calls it the “big claw” and gets beyond excited when grandpa gets it out to clean up manure and old straw. 

I can’t say that I personally jump with excitement when clearing manure, but I always have a moment of appreciation for such a powerful attachment. 

Whether you are clearing brush, logs, rocks, manure or bales, we have a grapple for you to check out below. 

If you want more information on skid steer grapple attachments, keeping reading below. But keep in mind that you can always call our team for more information.

What is a Skid Steer Grapple?

A skid steer grapple is an attachment that uses your skid steers auxiliary hydraulics to mechanically hold objects in place for transportation. This would normally be combined with a low profile bucket, skeleton bucket, manure tines or even pallet forks.

The grapple accomplishes this by moving one or two “clamps” up and down like a “big claw” to hold your material inside the “bucket” of the grapple.

For example, many customers contact us about “log grapples”. This sort of attachment allows the clamps to open up so that the “bucket” can slide under the logs. The clamps are then hydraulically closed in order to hold the logs steady and in place while the skid steer drives them to their new location.

What is a single clamp grapple versus a dual clamp skid steer grapple?

A single clamp skid steer grapple will only have one clamp on the grapple, where a double clamp grapple will have two.

On a single clamp grapple, the grapple is typically as wide as the bucket. This set up will work well when you know you will only be handling even loads, but lacks the ability to efficiently carry uneven loads.

Single clamp grapples will often only have one hydraulic cylinder and is therefore usually cheaper to manufacturer and purchase.

A dual clamp grapple, having an independent cylinder for each grapple will be able to secure and carry uneven loads making them a much more popular choice.

Can I add a grapple to my bucket?

Yes this is something that can be done. 

It is possible to purchase a “bolt on grapple” that allows you to bolt on a single clamp grapple with one hydraulic cylinder. This maybe be more cost efficient for occasional grapple use, but will not compare in quality and power compared to a dedicated grapple.

What else should I consider when purchasing a skid steer grapple?

Aside from determining if you need a single clamp or dual clamp grapple, you should also consider the “bucket” with the grapple. Be sure you are happy with the size between tines on root and rake grapples, as well as the profile if you are using it to move wood.

Have a look at the hydraulic cylinders on the grapple. “Severe Duty” grapple will normally have covered cylinders, while standard duty grapples may not. Depending on what you are doing with your grapple, protecting the cylinders may be important.

Do you have more questions?

Our team is standing bye and ready to answer your questions. Please call us today 1-866-990-7543