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Skid Steer Salt Spreader

Important Fact:Slip and fall injuries are the leading cause of lost days at work in America. Approximately 1 million Americans are effected by slip and fall injuries each year. Keeping your property clear and safe should be a top priority in our harsh winter months.

Skid Steer Salt Spreaders

Our skid steer salt spreaders are designed to evenly and effectively spread salt (or sand) directly onto the ground.

Designed to be “self loading” our skid steer salt spreaders are super easy to use.

The two brands we carry are built by Berlon Industries and Blue Diamond Attachments. Both are made in America, and are built to last as long as your skid steer.

Berlon’s “Meltrr” salt spreader comes in either 60” or 72” sized with respectively 26 or 32 cubic foot capacities, while Blue Diamonds spreader comes in 8 or 18 cubic foot capacities.

How Much Capacity Do I Need for My Salt Spreader?

According to “Snow & Ice Salt & Chemicals Unlimited” you will need approximately 2.3 pounds of salt per 1,000 square feet. However, amounts of salt will vary depending on temperature and other environmental conditions, so always check the manufacturers recommendations.

Given 2.3 pounds per thousand square feet, you can easily figure out how much area your salt spreader will cover when the hopper is full.

Deicing “rock salt” weighs about 80 pounds per cubic foot. Therefore, if you have Berlon’s 26 cubic foot Meltrr fully loaded, you should be able to salt approximately 900,000 square feet.

Will My Skid Steer Handle My New Salt Spreader?

Yes it will. We can help you match up the right size spreader for your skid steer.

Berlon’s 26 cubic foot Meltrr weighs approximately 680 pounds empty. When the spreader is full, you can expect the salt spreader to weigh approximately 2,750lbs. Therefore, you should ensure that your skid steer can comfortably lift this amount of weight.

Here is a list of our other skid steer salt spreaders weights when full of salt:

Your skid steer should also be equipped with auxiliary hydraulics to run the salt spreader.

Can I Use The Meltrr As A Sand Spreader?

Yes. Both Berlon’s Meltrr and Blue Diamond’s Material spreader can be used as a sand spreader for your skid steer as well.

Keep in mind that sand is slightly heavier than salt, so you should allow for some extra weight when determining how big of a spreader to purchase.

If you want to know more about when sand should be used instead of salt to manage ice and snow, check out our article "Sand or Salt For Winter Maintenance"

What Else Can I Do With My Skid Steer Salt Spreader?

Many of our customers double the utility of their skid steer salt spreader by using it the summer for lawn care and other agricultural projects.

Seeding lawns and pasture can be easily done with your skid steer spreader, as well as fertilizing and liming.

Many of our customers use our material spreaders to manage their pastures in the summertime.


Don’t let snow and ice ruin your winter. You can now easily manage traction and safety using your skid steer.

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