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Telehandler Truss Boom

Highest Quality Truss Boom & Jibs

Are you looking for excellent attachments for your Telehandler or Forklift? We carry the most in-demand brands of Truss Boom & Jibs in America from Star Industries, Haugen Attachments, and Blue Diamond. These manufacturers represent the quality and durability that contractors, rental companies, and developers have come to trust.

All these attachments are made in the USA from high-grade American steel to ensure the highest quality.

Why the Fork Mounted Jib Boom from Star Industries is our best seller.

Star Industries has been one of the leading manufacturers of heavy-duty attachments for forklifts and telehandlers. This Fork Mounted Jib Boom extends up to a massive 12 feet, making it the perfect solution to place heavy loads over or under obstacles.

Who is Haugen Attachments

With its popular tagline "Think Quality - Think Safety - Think Haugen" MADE in the USA, you are guaranteed that this manufacturer will only provide excellent attachments to your Telehandler, exceeding the quality standards of ANSI and OSHA.

Why do we recommend the Roof Truss Jib from Blue Diamond. 

Blue Diamond has established its reputation for almost two decades now. You know all its attachments are built and developed to be better over time. This particular attachment is excellent to get lightweight items much higher than your machine would usually be able to reach.

What's with the Industrial Adjustable Jib from Blue Diamond

If you want to make the most of your Telehandler or Forklift, then this Industrial Adjustable Jib is the one you're looking for! Manually adjusting the boom's length has never been easier. It has a lifting capacity of 3,000 to 6,000 lbs. 

Which Telehandler Truss Boom Should I Get?

Haugen Industries is your best choice when it comes to Telehandler Truss Booms and Jibs. So the first question to ask is do you want it to be fork slotted or built with a Quick Attach mount?

You may prefer fork slotted Truss Boom for your telehandler if you plan on switching between machines quite often. This would be the most popular option our customers order.

Haugen’s forks slotted telehandler truss booms are engineer certified up to a 2,000lb lift capacity, and come in either 12' or 15’ lengths with a welded pintle hitch on the end. Standard fork slots are 3 1/2” x 7 1/2”. Other sizes are available upon request.

But maybe you don’t have forks for your telehandler, or would just prefer a telehandler truss boom with a quick attach mount. We have you covered. Telehandler truss booms with quick attach mounts are available for almost all brands of telehandler including Skytrak, New Style JLG, Cat, Ingersoll Rand and Gehl DynaTach.

Choose between 2’, 4’ 12’ and 15’ Jibs with capacities from 2,000lbs to 10,000 pounds. 

Truss Jib - Skid Steer 

Aside from Truss Jibs for your Telehandlers, we also offer jibs and booms for Skid Steers. Our trusted manufacturer, Haugen Attachments, makes it. It is built lightweight to maximize lift capacity of up to 2,000 lbs, making it ideal for setting rafters and moving material.


Free shipping with no additional fees upon checkout! We work hard to keep the price of our attachments more affordable than its competitors. Quality shouldn’t have to come at a premium. Price ranges from $1,664.99 up to $4,309.99, depending on your budget and need. 

Please contact us, if you need assistance looking for the perfect attachment for your machine.