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Skid Steer Tree Shear

 High-End Skid Steer Tree Shear: Working with the Best!

Are you planning to remove trees from your property or farm? Then maybe you should consider a skid steer tree shear. It has amazing features like rotating heads and comes with incredible cutting power. 

Versatility, power, and high-end performance is something you should look into when buying a skid steer tree shear. To help you make the right buying decision, we’ve compiled a list of the best skid steer tree shears conveniently in this article.

What Is Skid Steer Tree Shear & What Are The Benefits?

A skid steer tree shear is an attachment that removes trees using only hydraulic force. You can think of it like a large pair of hydraulic scissors. One or both ends of the scissors is sharpened, and trees can be removed without any sawing motion.

A tree shears has many advantages over a traditional chain saw, the biggest of which is operator safety. The operator stays safely inside the skid steer or wheel loader while the tree is being removed, largely eliminating the chances for injury.

 You can also imagine the benefits of being able to remove trees silently when working in close quarters to public spaces. Not only will your employees benefit, but close residents to your work area will as well. 

Chainsaws and traditional saws create a large amount of saw dust which can often be non beneficial to the environment when working near waterways etc.. Shearing a tree at the base will leave only a minimal amount of debris, and a much cleaner work environment.

The skid Steer Tree Shear attachment is essential for farmers, forestry professionals, fencer contractors, and the like.

Blue Diamond Tree Shear

Blue Diamond has created a powerful skid steer tree shear. It’s made right in America, and the quality build proves it. With its 12” diameter size, it can cut limbs and trees with ease. The powerful 5” x 12” cylinder with 29 tons of force at 2500 PSI can shear a tree with ease.

Product Highlights

  • It cuts up to 12”
  • 5" x 12" Cylinder
  • 29 tons of cutting force at 2500 PSI
  • The cutting head rotates 90 degrees
  • 1” thick T1 steel cutting edge and construction
  • Excellent visibility

The Blue Diamond Tree Shear is shipped for free anywhere in the lower 48.

 Haugen Attachments Skid Steer Tree Shear

If quality and safety are the most important factors for you, then Haugen Attachments Skid Steer Tree Shear is the right tree shear for you. Its 12-inch industrial cylinder and 2,500PSI hydraulic pressure can shear trees up to 12 inches in diameter. 

The tree shear allows you to cut trees from the base. Then it will allow you to cut off large pieces for transport. Its hydraulic rotation will provide the precision to trim branches. With its three variations, fixed, manual, and hydraulic rotation, you can choose the best tree shear for you. Thisskid-steer tree shear is the right choice for you. 

Product Highlights

  • 5 x 12-inch industrial cylinder
  • 29 tons of cutting force at 2,500 psi.
  • Two cutting positions
  • 1-inch thick T1 steel construction and a hardened cutting blade.
  • Available in manual or hydraulic positioning.
  • The tree shear allows for easy removal or shearing to length for loading, and it can trim and cut limbs with precision.
  • Powder coat finish
  • Made in the USA

The Haugen Attachments Skid Steer Tree Shear comes with a 1-year warranty and free shipping. 

 Blue Diamond Tree Puller

Although it’s not technically a tree shear, some of our customers may be happier considering a tree puller.

Designed to grab the base of a tree with it’s serrated grapple, the Blue Diamond tree puller is a great option for removing small trees for relocation.

Product Highlights:

  • Enclosed Cylinder
  • Heavily gusseted quick attach
  • Four rows of teeth
  • Heavy pins and bushings on all pivot points
  • Heavy Duty Weighs 415lbs
  • Standard Duty 285lbs
  • It opens to 11”
  • Hoses and couplers included

The Tree Puller from Blue Diamond’s comes with a one year warranty and free shipping. 

Wrapping It Up

For any agricultural, forestry or landscaping work requiring tree removal, purchasing a skid steer tree shear should be considered. 

Along with all of the advantages we have already highlighted, the return on investment should be considered as well.

Not only will you be adding to the safety of your work site, and improving the quality of your work, but you will be saving money over the long term.

If you want to learn more about skid steer tree shears, call our product experts today! 1-866-990-SKID