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Excavator Screening Bucket

Excavator Screening Bucket

If you are thinking of ways to use your excavator to screen or mix loose material, we have the perfect attachment for you.

An excavator screening bucket can be used to screen soils, compost, wood chips and other aggregates.

If this has caught your interest, have a look below. Remember, our team is always standing bye to answer your questions.

What is an Excavator Screening Bucket?

An excavator screening bucket attaches to your excavators arm and uses your machines auxiliary hydraulics to mechanically screen loose material.

A quality screening bucket will have a hard cutting edge on it so you can scoop material up with it just like any other bucket. Once the screening bucket is in the horizontal position, the screening process can start.

Screening buckets will mechanically screen loose material. For example, Blue Diamond’s excavator screening bucket has horizontal shafts that use hydraulic power to rotate. The shafts carry poly stars that rotate in an upwards direction.

The rotating stars have enough space between them to allow for any material smaller than 1 inch to pass through the “screen”. Because the stars are rotating in an upward direction, they prevent larger items from blocking the screening process.

Once your material has been screened, the larger material that did not pass through the screen can be carried away and dumped separately.

How To Pick The Right Excavator Screening Bucket?

Screening buckets are heavy attachments and should be properly paired with your host excavator.

Check with the screening bucket manufacturers recommendations to ensure you don’t end up with too heavy of a screening bucket for your excavator.

Screening buckets will also have maximum auxiliary hydraulic flow and PSI published for each model. Ensuring your mini excavator can respect these limits will ensure that you get the most out of your investment.

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