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Mini Skid Steer Log Splitter

Mini Skid Steer Log Splitters

Yes that right, you don’t need a full sized skid steer to enjoy a log splitter attachment! We offer log splitter attachments for your mini skid steer from several American Manufacturers.

Whether you are heating your home with a wood boiler, farming and selling wood, or any other commercial activity, there is a mini skid steer log splitter for you.

Mini Skid Steer Log Splitter Wedges

Most mini skid steer log splitters will come standard with a single wedge for splitting. However, some manufacturers will offer an optional 4 way wedge that is either interchangeable or fixed.

Although deciding on a 4 way wedge comes down to each customers individual preference, something to keep in mind is that the extra surface area of the wedge adds resistance while splitting.

This isn’t normally a concern with dry, seasoned wood, but it may slow the splitting process with unseasoned wood.

Log Splitter Stroke

Another consideration is what length or “stroke” you need your mini skid steer log splitter to have. 

This is usually dependant on how long the logs are that you are planning on splitting.

Purchasing too short of a stroke has the obvious disadvantage of not being able to fit your logs. It’s also important to consider that having a longer stroke than you need increase cycle times and slows down your splitting.

Common stroke sizes for mini skid steers is 24” and 30”

How Big of a Cylinder Do I Need?

Much like when deciding on the stroke, the size of your hydraulic cylinder bore should be “just big enough”.

Large bore cylinders are slower to actuate and therefore slow the splitting process down. On the other hand, at similar hydraulic PSI’s a larger bore will also increase the tons of splitting force.

As a general guideline, a 1” increase in cylinder bore at the same PSI will add around 5 tons of splitting force.

So, if you need extra splitting force for unseasoned wood, this may be an advantage. However, if you are splitting dry wood that will split easily, the extra force may not be worth the slower splitting times.

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