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Telehandler Bale Spear

Telehandler Bale Spears

The lifting power, manoeuvrability, and most importantly the long reach of a telehandler make moving and stacking bales much easier. But this requires the right attachment, and that’s where the bale spear comes in.

Have a look below and read more if you are interested in learning more about bale spear attachments for your telehandler. You can always give us a call if you want to learn more.

What is a Bale Spear Attachment for a Telehandler?

In simple terms, a bale spear attachment connects to the front of your telehandler and is used to spear large round or square bales for transportation and stacking. When compared to other methods of bale transportation, this is the simplest and most effective method.

Spearing bales is even more effective if you are working with unwrapped bales. If you don’t have to worry about wrecking the wrap around the bale, you are often better off spearing it rather than depending on hydraulics grapples to move it.

Will the Bale Spear Attachment fit my Telehandler?

This is a good questions, because unlike skid steers, telehandler manufacturers have built an assortment of different couplers for telehandlers.

We can have the correct coupler put onto your bale spear attachments regardless of what make and model of tele handler you have. Our team will be in contact with you after you order to retrieve the make and model and confirm the correct fitment.

Considers When Purchasing Bale Spear Attachments for your Telehandler

In order to make sure your bales are properly supported while being moved and stacked, it’s important to consider the tine set up. Always use your bale spear attachment in accordance with manufacturers recommendations.

Typically, if you are moving round bales, you’ll need a conus 2 tine that is 44” to 49” long on the top of the carriage. The length of the tine is dependant on how thick your bale is.

You will also need at least 2 tines on the bottom to stabilize a round bale. If you are going to be dumping bales into a bale feeder two conus 1 40” tines are normally recommended. You may be able to use shorter bottom stabilizing tines if you are just moving and stacking bales.

A top tine is ordinarily not required for moving square bales. Instead all of the tines are placed on the bottom of the attachment.

A minimum of 3 tines is needed to lift two square bales, however, 4 is preferred. 

Most customers will stick with around a 32” tine length for square bales to ensure the tine isn’t too long. Too long of tines may cause unintended damage to structures behind the bales.

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