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Excavator Tree Grubber

Excavator Tree Grubber

Removing trees and shrubs right from the tap root ensures that you have eliminated future growth.

The best way to get this done is to harness the power of your mini excavator with a tree grubber attachment.

If you are looking to clear trees and bush to break new farm land, a tree grubber might just be the perfect attachment for you.

What is an Excavator Tree Grubber Attachment?

A tree grubber attachment bolts onto the arm of your excavator and carries a thick plate with a “V” shape built into it.

You then use your excavators arm to dig the V shaped plate through the soil and pry the tree up by its tap roots.

The V shaped plate is built to have just the right amount of edge on it to not penetrate right though the root, but instead to grip it firmly to pull the tree out of the ground.

For clarity, the tap roots of a tree are the roots that travel straight down from the trunk of the tree before turning outwards and expanding horizontally.

Why Use a Tree Grubber Attachment?

Because tree grubbers remove a tree by its taproots, it eliminates future growth, where tree shears and chainsaws will leave the roots intact.

A tree grubber is considered to be a fairly safe tree removal attachment when compared to many of its alternatives.

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