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Telehandler Spreader Bar

Telehandler Spreader Bars

A fork mounted spreader bar attachment for your telehandler can be imperative to safely moving irregular loads.

Not all spreader bars are created equal. Adjustable length spreader bars are available as well as fixed length. Additionally, we offer spreader bars with top hooks for customers who use cranes for lifting.

Have a look at our spreaders bars below and keep reading for more information.

Why Use A Telehandler Spreader Bar?

If you are using your telehandler to move non-palletized or irregular loads, you might benefit from the use of a fork mounted spreader bar.

A spreader bar may be necessary simply because of the dimensions of the load you are lifting. With larger dimensional loads, a spreader bar will help to increase stability by attaching to the load at a wider points than you would otherwise be able to.

Larger spreader bars will have additional hooks on the bottom to allow you to secure the load at multiple points along the spreader bar. This has the effect of distributing the lifting force which stabilizes and secures the load.

Adjustable and Fixed Length Spreader Bars

Spreader bars that can be adjusted in length are often preferred by our customers. The key advantage here is that they can adapt quickly and easily to new loads.

Common sizes for adjustable fork mounted spreader bars is 8-12’, 10-15’, and 13-20’.

Fixed length spreader bars are also known as “rigid” spreader bars are commonly used when you are moving loads with the same dimensions repetitively. Common sizes are 6’, 8’ and 12’.

How Much Can I Lift With a Telehandler Spreader Bar?

Lifting capacities vary by manufacturer, so you are always best to check the specifics of any spreader bar you are considering.

Loading capacities may also vary depending on how you lift the load. A single point load right in the centre of the spreader bar will likely have a higher lifting capacity than 2 point loads at the end of the spreader bar.

As a general rule, rigid fixed length spreader bars will have higher lifting capacities due to the solid one piece construction. For example, the “Rigid Spreader Bar” offered from Haugen industries has a 10,000 pound lifting capacity even at 12’.

A fully extended adjustable spreader bar may only be able to lift half the load of what it’s capable of when fully retracted.

Will My Pallet Forks Fit The Spreader Bar?

Most Haugen branded spreaders bars are built to fit 3.5” thick and 7.5” wide forks, while Star industries builds them to fit 3” thick by 7” wide forks.

Check the details for the spreader bar you are interested in, and keep in mind, we can have custom fork pockets built to fit your needs.

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