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Skid Steer Bale Spear

Highest Quality Bale Spears

There is a variety of Bale Spears available in the market today, depending on your needs. We carry only the most in-demand brands of Bale Spears in America from Haugen Attachments, Berlon Industries, and Blue Diamond. These manufacturers represent the quality and durability that contractors, rental companies, and farmers have come to trust.

Why Do We Trust Haugen Attachments

Haugen Attachments offers different types of Bale Spears for your various needs and equipment. We recommend them to our customers because this manufacturer has continuously delivered quality American-made attachments, including these Bale Spears. As Haugen says, "Think Quality - Think Safety". Bale Spears available for Telehandlers, Skid Steers, and Tractors in different sizes and types of tines.

Conus Tines & Sleeves by Berlon Industries

One of the best-selling Bale Spears in the business are the Berlon Industries Bale Spears. This Conus Tines from Berlon comes in a variety of options to help customize your attachment. Tines must be kept tight (between 485 and 500 ft./lbs.) and tightened regularly for optimal usage and to avoid breakage. 

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Round or Square Bale Spear

Depending on which attachment suits your need., Haugen Attachments offers either a Round or Square Bale Spear for your Telehandlers. Made in the USA with American steel, guaranteed to be durable and dependable. Tines are also replaceable. 

Make the most of your Bale Spear.

Haugen offers these Combo Bale Spear Attachments for Skid-Steer loaders. Built with a durable frame, this combo Bale Spear is very versatile with removable tines, making bale lifting effortless. Available in Cold Rolled or Forged tines. 

Bale Spear Carriages - Berlon Industries

These Bale Spear Carriages from Berlon provide unmatched versatility in handling hay bales. The standard Skid Steer Bale Spear Carriage attachment can be purchased with or without a bale guard. We offer several different configurations to accommodate moving round or square bales. Models available for skid steers, loaders, compact tractors, telehandlers, and wheel loaders. 

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