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Skid Steer Post Driver

Highest Quality Post Drivers

We carry the most in demand brands for post drivers in America. Blue Diamond and Haugen Post Drivers represent the quality and durability that contractors, farmers, rental companies and developers have come to trust.

Why Do We Recommend The Dakota Driver? 

Although there is very little online marketing material on the Dakota Driver, it continues to sell in huge numbers every spring. 

Unlike some of its competitors who are simply just a brand name with a mediocre product, the Dakota Driver sells primarily through word of mouth, from one satisfied customer to another. It’s reputation for being strong, stout and reliable continues to propel it forward through the market.

Premium Post Driver by Blue Diamond

The Blue Diamond Post Driver is a well known brand of post driver, manufactured in Tennessee. Arguably the top manufacturer of Skid Steer Attachments in America, Blue Diamond engineers have perfected the hydraulic post driver.

The Blue Diamond Post Driver is designed to drive posts and guard rails, but can also be converted into a concrete breaker. It’s has a hydraulic grapple option, making it ideal for single person operations.  


Why is the Dakota Driver Really Tough

Built by Haugen Industries right in North Dakota, the Dakota Driver is one of the leaders in the vibratory post driver market.

Each post driver comes built on a universal skid steer mount with a 3/4” thick frame. The Dakota Drivers come with dome shaped heads to centre posts, post puller chain, depth gauges and plumb bobs. All hoses and couplers are included.

There are several sizes to choose from.


- Drives up to 4.5” diameter posts and steel pipes.
- Comes standard with manual tilt
- Light Weight (300lbs)
- 400 to 700 blows per minute.


- Drives up to 7.125” diameter wood or steel posts
- Weighs 1150lbs.
- 500 to 900 blows per minute
- 877 average foot pounds


- Drives up to 8.25” diameter wood or steel posts
- Weighs 1325lbs
- 400 to 800 average blows per minute
- 945 average foot pounds


- Drives up to 9” diameter wood or steel posts
- Weighs 1700lbs
- 400 to 800 average blows per minute
- 1400 average foot pounds

Standard flow hydraulics can be used with any Dakota Driver Post Pounder.

As you may have noticed above, the PD-1450 comes standard with manual tilt. Tilt is adjusted by a helper outside the skid steer, with use of a locking pin.



Get your posts straight, even on hills. A tilt option can be added to the PD-1600, PD-1850 and PD-2000. The tilt function can be controlled by a helper outside the skid steer, or can be wired so the skid steer operator can control tilt.


A planetary auger drive can be added to any unit with a 4, 6 or 9 inch auger bit. Both the planetary auger drive and tilt features can be added after purchase if desired.

Do More With The Dakota Post Driver

It has multi tool capabilities. The dome head tool for post pounding can be removed so that the post pounder can be used with various other tools. Flat head tools can be purchases, chisel tools, rock spikes, moil point tools, and larger domed tools.

Price and Availability

We work hard to keep the price of the Dakota Post Driver more affordable than its competitors.

Quality shouldn’t have to come at a premium.

We don’t want you to wait weeks for your product after you order it. The Dakota Post Driver is kept in stock, and will ship with days of your purchase.

Blue Diamond Post Driver

The Blue Diamond Post Driver is a well known brand of post driver, manufactured in Tennessee. Arguably the top manufacturer of Skid Steer Attachments in America, Blue Diamond engineers have perfected the hydraulic post driver.

Hard Hitting

Deliver up to 35 blows per minute with a full 40” drop. The additional 200lbs of weight available increase impact force by 60%. This sort of energy can drive posts up to 8.5”x9.25”.


Keep your employees safe. By enabling the skid steer operator to be able to lift posts with the grapple, and control tilt from the cab, you no longer need anyone assisting you from outside the skid steer when using a Blue Diamond Post Driver.


All Blue Diamond Post Drivers are going to come with a universal skid steer mount. However, you do have several options when ordering the post driver:

1. Basic Post Driver
2. Post Driver With Grapple
3. Post Driver With Tilt
4. Post Driver With Grapple and Tilt


The tilt option adds the ability to tilt the post driver up to 20 degrees left or right, making it much simpler to work on hills and uneven terrain.

The tilt function is controlled electrically from the cab of the skid steer, eliminating the need for an outside helper.


The grapple option is designed to eliminate the need for a helper outside the skid steer. With the grapple, you can pick up your post and position it as required. Once in position, the weight of the post driver is used to hold the post in place while the grapple is retracted.

Weight Kit

Every Blue Diamond Post Driver comes standard with 300lbs of weight that provides 300 ft-lbs of energy. You can purchase an additional 200lbs to increase the impact energy to 1709 ft.-lbs.

Strike Plates

Adapt easily to new jobs.multiple strike plates are available to get the most versatility out of your Blue Diamond Post Driver. These include T-Post adapters, horseshoe stroke plates, guard rail strike plates and donut strike plates.

Breaker Kit

Get more out of your post driver.Turn your Post Driver into a concrete breaker able to break up to 9” thick reinforced concrete.