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Mini Skid Steer Concrete Mixer

Mini Skid Steer Concrete Mixer

You may have never considered the idea before, but how about mixing material like concrete, mortar, and grout with your mini skid steer? Even better, how about mix it in large batches and pouring it directly in place? 

Save time and increase productivity on your job site with a concrete mixer attachment for your mini skid steer.

Read on for more information, and don’t hesitate to call us today if you want to know more.

What Is a Mini Skid Steer Concrete Mixing Attachment?

This is an attachment that uses your mini skid steer’s auxiliary hydraulics to safely and evenly mix aggregate material such as concrete. 

The attachments mounts directly to your mini skid steer, so once you are done mixing, you can move the whole attachment, and pour the concrete directly in place.

How Much Material Can a Mini Skid Steer Mixing Attachment Mix At Once?

Several different models and variations exist on the market with varying capacities.

If we use EZG Manufacturings Mini Mobile Mud Hog as an example, the MMH4 model can hold 4 cubic yards of material which is roughly equal to 3 to 4 80 pound bags on concrete.

The next size up is MMH9 which holds 9 cubic yards of material which works out to about 8 to 9 80 pound bags of concrete.

Which Concrete Mixing Attachment Will Fit My Mini Skid Steer?

Because mixing attachments are meant to be mobile it’s best to ensure your mini skid steer will be able to lift the attachment once it’s full.

Keep in mind that you may need to lift the attachment fairly high to manually pour the material. Always respect your tipping weights!

The MMH4 weighs 500 pounds empty, and may way around 1,000 pounds when full, while the MMH9 has an empty weight of 750 pounds and can be loaded up to around 2,000 pounds.

With the Mobile Mud Hog from EZG, they come standard with both fork pockets and mini skid steer quick attach couplers. Be sure to specify what model of mini skid steer you are using when ordering to ensure you get the proper mounting plate.

Lastly, you should ensure your mini skid steer has proper auxiliary hydraulic power and it meets the requirement of the mixing attachment.

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