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Excavator Brush Cutter

Highest Quality Mini Excavator Brush Cutter

We have solely trusted the reliable manufacturer Blue Diamond for our Mini Excavator Brush Cutter attachment. An American-based company known to offer top-quality and durability attachments. Most of our clients from the agricultural, industrial, and real estate have been coming back for our Blue Diamond products, and this Mini Excavator Brush Cutter has been one of them. Brush cutter attachments are very famous to those who want to maximize the potential of their mini excavator.

Why Do We Believe in Blue Diamond

For almost three decades now, Blue Diamond® Attachments has provided unparalleled customer service. It started in 1995 in Tennesse; the company has now established its reputation in the USA and worldwide.

What's With the Extreme Duty Excavator Cutter

This Brush Cutter from Blue Diamond is a perfect attachment for large excavators. It has a 6” cutting capacity, clearing the job site quickly and smoothly. The cut-away design of this attachment gives better access to larger material also keeps grass standing while cutting or giving a clean finish.

Powerful Severe Duty Mini Excavator Brush Cutter

Blue Diamond made this Severe Duty Brush Cutter for Mini Excavator brutally strong and powerful attachment for clearing land. It is made with an Italian piston motor that will tear through large brushes with ease, saving you more time and money.

Heavy Duty Mini Excavator Brush Cutter

These Heavy Duty Mini Excavator Brush Cutters have proven to be top performers in the industry. The extremely rugged direct drive system comes with a large flywheel that stores energy and keeps the blades striking even under challenging conditions.


We offer FREE SHIPPING and no additional charges upon checkout. These American-made Brush Cutters for Mini Excavator are priced between $7,000 to $16,000, depending on the type of attachment or the budget. Quality attachments with reasonable cost. 

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need assistance. Aside from Brush Cutters, we offer a lot of attachments for different equipment.