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Excavator Post Driver

Excavator Post Drivers

A vibratory post driver is a great attachment for mini excavators. Coupling directly to the arm of the excavator, driving long posts, or posts in awkward positions becomes far easier.

If you are looking to learn more about post driver attachments for your mini excavator, give us a call today.

How Does an Excavator Post Driver Attachment Work?

Vibratory post drivers use the weight of the attachment and excavator arm combined with high frequency vibrations to drive posts into the ground.

Vibratory post drivers have become the new standard in post driver attachments, quickly outpacing the older hammer style.

Some excavator post drivers will require that you purchase adapters to fit the size of round or square post you are driving. Typically, 4” to 12” round and flat adapters are available.

Other excavator post drivers come standard with a domed head tool that fits mosts posts. The domed head helps to keep the pole entered while it’s being driven.

What Else Can I Do With My Excavator Post Driver?

Because vibrating post drivers function very similar to hydraulic hammers, some manufacturers offer additional tools that can be used with the post driver to increase it’s utility.

For example, rock spikes and chisels can sometimes be added to your post driver to help break up rocks that you may encounter while driving posts.

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