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Skid Steer Snow Blower

Skid Steer Snow Blowers

Skid Steer Snow Blower - Which One Is Right For Me?

<h3 style="color:#ffffff">Snow Blower Cut Widths</h3>
The cutting width of your skid steer snow blower attachment should be wider than the wheel or track width of your skid steer. This will prevent the weight of the skid steer from compacting the snow on the edges of the snow blower. Bear in mind that the cut width of a snow blower may be an inch or two smaller than the overall width of the attachment.
<h3 style="color:#ffffff">Cut Height</h3>
The cut height of a skid steer snow blower attachment is usually around 30", and it normally does not vary between models. Snow blower manufacturers find a 30" cut height to be ideal for most snow-clearing operations.
<h3 style="color:#ffffff">Hydraulic Motors</h3>
Like any hydraulic skid steer attachment, you will need to ensure that the snow blower hydraulic motor matches the capabilities of the host skid steer. Having the right size hydraulic motor will not only prevent damage to your <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">snow blower attachment</a> but also ensure that you are not using all of your hydraulic power to operate the snow blower, leaving little for the skid steer to maneuver.

<h3 style="color:#ffffff">Do snow blowers require high flow?</h3>
No, you don't need <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">high-flow hydraulics on your skid steer</a> to operate a snow blower. You can purchase snow blower attachments that operate with standard-flow hydraulics or high-flow hydraulics.
Generally, you won't be able to buy a standard flow snow blower in widths larger than 72".
<h3 style="color:#ffffff">Electrical Harness</h3>
An electrical harness is required on most snow blowers to rotate the chute left and right, as well as opening and closing the deflector. Electrical harnesses vary by skid steer manufacturer. You will have the option to select your wire harness on the product page. You can always call us if you are unsure which harness your machine needs.
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What To Look for in Skid Steer Snow Blowers

Purchasing a high-quality, American-made skid steer snow blower will ensure your great product with a long life expectancy. Here are a few items to consider when you are choosing a snow blower:
<h3>Direct Drive: No Chains</h3>
You know you have a good snow blower if all of its components are driven by your skid steer auxiliary hydraulic system. Having indirect drives using chains adds extra moving parts and maintenance in a frozen and ice-covered environment, which is often not ideal. Ideally, a snow blower attachment will route your skid steer's auxiliary hydraulic flow through a manifold that will direct it to turn independent auger and fan motors. It will also direct hydraulic fluid to operate cylinders controlling the chute and deflector.
<h3>No Shear Pins - Hydraulic By Pass</h3
A high-quality snow blower will use a hydraulic bypass system to protect the auger against damage should a solid object enter the snow blower. A hydraulic bypass system will instantly redirect hydraulic fluid away from the auger drive if it comes against resistance.

The alternative way to protect a snow blower auger is with shear pins. As the name implies, a shear pin will break if the auger contacts a solid object, which will remove all of the torque from the auger. But now you will have to spend the rest of your day finding new shear pins and trying to replace the broken ones.
<h3>Cutting Edge & Skid Shoes</h3>
Pushing a snow blower along the pavement all winter wears out cutting-edge and skid shoes. Ensure that the snow blower you are planning to purchase has a bolt-on cutting edge so it can be easily replaced. Skid shoes should be made of hardened steel and be adjustable.

Speeds and Pressures

Be sure to consider the speed and pressure of the auger and fan when deciding on a skid steer snow blower. Typical auger speeds may be around 200 RPM without any load and slow by 20 to 30 RPM with a standard load applied. A good quality snow blower attachment will have an auger pressure of around 1000 PSI. Consider an auger turning at 200 RPM using 17 gallons per minute of hydraulic flow at 1000 PSI. This works out to nearly 10 horsepower of turning force, which should be more than sufficient to clear wet, heavy snow.
The speed and pressure directly affect the throwing distance of your snow blower attachment. Generally, a longer throwing distance is ideal when the direction and deflection of the throw can be managed with the chute deflector. Typical fan speeds should be around 700 RPM with no load. The fan pressure should be closer to 1500 PSI and can come close to doubling under a standard load.

Skid Steer Snow Blower Financing

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