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Excavator Buckets

Excavator Buckets

We are happy to offer our customers several different sizes of excavator buckets built to fit most major brands of mini excavators.

All of our high quality excavator buckets are built by American manufacturers and are among the highest quality in the industry.

What Size Of Excavator Bucket Do I Need?

There are several factors in deciding how big of a bucket you should choose for your mini excavator.

Larger excavators with more power can handle larger buckets. Typically a 24” bucket would suit a 4 ton mini excavator.

You should also consider what you are digging. Heavier material such as rocks should be handled with a smaller bucket, while loose soft material like sand should be handled with a bigger bucket.

This will ensure that your excavator is digging with the most efficiency.

Typical excavator bucket sizes are 12”, 24”, 18”, 30” and 36”.

Excavator Bucket Features

High quality excavator buckets are built for heavy use. They should have extra material built into them (wear straps and wear pads) along the bottom and sides.

Strong and replaceable teeth on the bucket help to penetrate hard ground. All excavator bucket teeth will eventually need to be replaced. It’s important to not use your bucket with missing teeth as this wears down the shank and may prevent you from being able to replace the tooth in the future. 

Side cutters can be purchased as an option on some excavator buckets. Side cutters increase your buckets ability to penetrate the earth, and should be considered, specially when using a larger more powerful excavator.

Excavator Bucket Couplers

Mini excavator manufacturers have built several different couplers for their machines over time.

Speak to one of our customer service representatives to ensure that the correct coupler is installed on your mini excavator bucket.

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