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Telehandler Trash Hopper

Telehandler Trash Hoppers

Don’t let trash at your work site be the factor that slows you down. Having a trash hopper for your telehandler or forklift makes trash management much easier. 

If you are thinking about purchasing a trash hopper for you company, have a look below. If you have questions, or need a hopper fast, give us a call today!

What Is Our Most Popular Telehandler Trash Hopper?

The three sided, fork mounted trash hopper from Haugen Industries is our most popular trash hopper for construction site clean up and roofing jobs.

The three sides make piling trash into the hopper easy, and it’s just as easy to transport the hopper and dump the trash once it’s full.

There are four sizes of trash hopper, 3.5, 5.0, 5.7, and 6.5 cubic yards. The weights vary from 730lbs. To 1120lbs.

Because the trash hopper is fork mounted, it can be used with practically any machine that has suitable forks and lifting capacities. The fork pockets are 48” deep, 2.5” thick and 7.5” wide.

Other Models of Telehandler Trash Hoppers

Self dump hoppers that can be wheeled around the job site but also lifted and transported with forks are preferred at some job sites.

Being able to push the hopper by hand keeps it from becoming an inconvenience in tight spaces. This design requires the hopper to have 4 sides to keep the trash in place.

Once the self dump hopper is full, it can be lifted using the standard fork pockets and removed with your telehandler, skid steer or forklift. 

Because of the four sides, dumping the trash hopper would be more of a challenge than it is with 3 sided hoppers if it wasn’t for the self dumping design.

The self dumping hopper has a rope release and safety lock. When the safety lock is disengaged, the rope release can be used to dump the hopper by tilting it forward.

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