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Telehandler Grapple

Telehandler Grapples

Putting a grapple bucket on your telehandler is a powerful way to get work done. The lifting power and manoeuvrability of a telehandler makes it a great machine to clean up a yard, construction site, or brush.

If you curious about telehandler grapple attachments, have a look below. Give us a call if you want to know more.

What is a Telehandler Grapple?

A Telehandler grapple is an attachment that uses your Telehandlers auxiliary hydraulics to mechanically hold a load in place for transportation. The grapple will come paired to a bucket, skeleton bucket, manure tines or even pallet forks.

The grapple moves one or two “clamps” up and down like a claw to hold the load inside the bucket of the grapple.

Take for example a log grapple on a telehandler. The bucket will have a low profile and low sides to easily slide under logs. Once the logs are in the bucket two hydraulic clamps are used to hold them in place while they are being transported, or loaded onto a trailer.

Single or Dual Clamp For My Telehandler Grapple?

A single clamp Telehandler grapple will only have one clamp on the grapple. A dual clamp grapple will have two clamps arranged side by side.

On most single clamp grapples, the clamp is as wide as the bucket. This is great if you are only moving level and even loads. Single clamp grapples have the additional benefit of being cheaper to purchase, have less moving parts, and require less maintenance.

Dual clamp grapples will be preferred when carrying uneven loads, such as at demolition sites. 

Can I add a grapple to my Telehandler bucket?

Bolt on grapples are available for purchase. As the name suggests, the grapple bolts on to your existing bucket, and connects to your hydraulic system for operation.

This is acceptable for light use, but shouldn’t be considered a replacement for a proper telehandler grapple bucket.

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