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Mini Skid Steer Land Plane

Blue Diamond Land Plane Is On Another Level

Are you looking to get the ground perfectly level using your mini skid steer? The mini skid steer land plane is the perfect choice. You can easily transport this light weight attachment to and from job sites. As an added bonus, mini skid steer land planes are one of the most affordable yet versatile attachments for mini skid steers. Let’s have a closer look at mini skid steer land planers.

Why Use A Land Plane?

Before we dive deeper into our recommendation for mini skid steer land planes, let’s take a look at some common uses. 

A land plane is generally used to level out the earth. By design, if you run a land plane over the earth, it will shave down high spots while filling in low areas.

As you can imagine, a land plane would be a useful tool when leveling out a gravel driveway, preparing the ground to pour cement, preparing the earth for agriculture etc.

Some land planers will come with the option of having rippers or scarifiers on the back to loosen hardened soil as well. These can either be hydraulically operated or manual, as they may not always be advantageous to use.

To illustrate why a mini skid steer land planer is so efficient, let’s look at how you would level the ground with a bucket rather than a land planer.

When trying to grade the earth using just a bucket rather than a proper land planer, you are filling the bucket with earth as you cut down high spots. This earth then has to be carried to a lower spot and filled in using the back of the bucket.

This has two main disadvantages. One, high spots are only taken down in the forward direction while low spots are only filled in the reverse direction. And two, your bucket filling with earth limits how far you can plane before you have to carry the earth away to a low spot.

The mini skid steer land planer solves these problems. With it’s open design, it will cut down high spots while filling low spots at the same time. You can also plane for longer distances because the earth will not fill the planer.

Mini Skid Steer Land Plane Attachment from Blue Diamond

Built as a tough and durable tool, this mini skid steer land plane by Blue Diamond is designed just like it’s full size counterpart. With Mini Universal or Bobcat MT mounts available, you can efficiently use this land planer to level soil, gravel and concrete, and asphalt preparation.

Product Highlights:

  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • 48” Wide
  • It comes with a mini universal mount
  • Compatible with Bobcat MT mount
  • It weighs only 275 lbs.

Aside from these features, theBlue Diamond Mini Skid Steer Land Planehas the following uses:

  • Shaves and smooths the rough ground
  • Perfect grade for leveling gravel and soil
  • Smooth out roadways, prepare for concrete and asphalt
  • Bi-directional use

There is always more to a land planer than grading soil, so these features mentioned above should be considered good reasons to purchase the Blue Diamond Mini Land Plane.

What Makes the Mini Skid Steers Land Plane by Blue Diamond Better?

Work-efficient features to save you more time

Blue Diamond’s Land Plane is a brilliant attachment for flattening dirt and gravel for a satisfactory result. Its bi-directional use allows the land plane to work in forward and in reverse. This feature makes it easier for an operator to utilize the equipment and cover a significant distance to save time.

Affordable retail price

Compared to its competitors, the Mini Skid Steers Land Planes of Blue Diamond sells at a reasonable price. The price you see here is the price you pay. Absolutely no hidden fees at checkout or delivery.

Durable and Tough

The overall quality of your mini skid steer land planer depends on the quality of materials and labour put into it. This attachment is built stronger than the rest. Being engineered in the United States, and built right at home Tennessee, you know you are getting the best attachment on the market.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you have land leveling and grading to do with your mini skid steer, this is the tool for you. Being available with any mount to fit your mini skid steer assures that you’ll get the right fit.

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