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Haugen Attachments

Rod Bucket for Skid Steers - Haugen Attachment


Rod Bucket for Skid Steers 

The Rod Bucket from Haugen is excellent for digging up rocks and sifting through dirt. The heavy-duty replacement teeth can cut through even the toughest dirt. It is available in 60", 68", and 76" widths, all with excellent visibility for the driver's convenience and safety.

"Think Quality - Think Safety - Think Haugen" Made in USA


  • Tines are 7/8" round rod
  • Excellent visibility 
  • Heavy-duty replaceable teeth
  • Available in 60", 68", and 76" widths.
  • Tooth Bar with replaceable teeth
  • Great for picking rocks and other debris
    Model # # of Tines Tine Size Bucket Width  Weight
    HRB 60 14 7/8” 60 inches 565 lbs
    HRB 68 16 7/8” 68 inches 650 Ibs
    HRB 76 18 7/8” 76 inches 690 lbs


    Owner’s Manual: Click Here


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