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MOBILE MUD HOG | MMH12 & MMH20 | EZG Manufacturing


Mud Hog Mixer

EZG Manufacturing listed to their customers when they introduce the ever so popular Mud Hog line. The product line consists of 4 models the MMH4, MMH9, MMH12, and MMH20. The first two models can be used on a mini skid steer with fork pockets that are standard in all models. The 9, 12, and 20-yard capacity models can come with a universal skid steer mount and can also be used on telehandler or forklift. 

Your next concrete job will come a lot easier with the Mud Hog by mixing and pouring all in the same attachment. If you need a high capacity mixer for a big job, they have you covered with the 20-yard capacity Mud Hog, which can hold 19-20, 80-pound bags. Customers have told us they were able to fill 80 post holes in 30 minutes! If that’s not going to save you time and money, then I don’t know what will. 

EZG Manufactures its whole line of products right here in the USA with premium parts and components. All models are back with a one-year warranty. Contact us today if you have any question.


  • Multiple uses: Grout, Mortar, and Concrete
  • Easy to load and unload - Move the mixer to the materials for loading and wherever needed for unloading with no unnecessary steps
  • Manual dump
  • Powered by auxiliary hydraulics and designed for use with your walk-behind Skid-Steer Loader
  • Manual gate dump on MMH4 & MMH9
  • Hydraulic gate dump on MMH12 & MMH20
  • Discharge rate of 1/2 yard a minute
  • MMH9 holds 8-9, 80 pound concrete bags
  • MMH12 holds 11-12, 80 pound concrete bags
  • MMH20 Hold 19-20 pound concrete bags
  • MMH9, MMH12 & MMH20 comes with a universal skid steer mount
  • Made in the USA
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Click here to be taken to MMH4 & MMH9 product page


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