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Quick Attach Truss Jib - Haugen Attachments


Quick Attach Truss Jib 

This Truss Jib from Haugen comes with a quick attach mount that we can have made to fit any Telehandler. The heavy duty mounts are made with premium steel and are made with cnc machine to insure a perfect fit. With a wide range of lengths and capacity we should have your needs covered with this Jib. All truss jibs are custom made to fit your machine so you can feel confident when it arrives you’ll be able to quickly hook up and get to work.

The two and four foot truss jibs come standard with weld on hooks that are rated at 8,000 - 10,000 pound capacity. The 12’ and 15’ lengths come with a pintle hook that has a 2,000 pound capacity. Although, if you have a special request we can definitely accommodate it. 

These truss jibs are made to last because everyone is made in the USA with a one year warranty. They are all powder coated through out the whole jib. If you have any question please contact us today!

"Think Quality - Think Safety - Think Haugen" 

Truss Jib Features

  • Quick Attach Truss Jibs For Telehandlers
  • Custom built to fit your machine.
  • Many lengths are available.
  • Heavy Duty Construction 
  • Two and Four Foot jibs are equipped with weld-on hooks
  • 12' and 15' jibs come standard with a pintle hook
  • 1-year warranty
  • Made in the USA


            Model Length Capacity Weight
            MTJ 2 2 foot 10,000 lbs. 350 lbs.*
            MTJ 4 4 foot 8,000 lbs. 400 lbs.*
            MTJ 10 10 foot 2,000 lbs. 610 lbs.*
            MTJ 12 12 foot 2,000 lbs. 640 lbs.*
            MTJ 15 15 foot 2,000 lbs. 695 lbs.*
            MTJ 16 16 foot 2,000 lbs. 725 lbs.*

            * Weights vary depending on the Quick Attach Mount.

            Owner’s Manual: Click Here

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