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Telehandler to Skid Steer Adapter

Telehandler To Skid Steer Adapter

Having the ability to use skid steer attachments with your telehandler opens the door to new opportunities. Skid steer attachments are much more common, often better priced, and allows for a larger variety of attachments to be used.

If you own a skid steer as well as a telehandler, this is a particularly important attachment for you. Being able to use your skid steer attachments with your telehandler can come in real handy.

What is a Telehandler to Skid Steer Adapter?

A Telehandler to skid steer adapter is an attachment that couples to your telehandler on one side, and has a universal skid steer quick attach on the other side.

This allows you to connect it to your telehandler and then pick up and use skid steer attachments, just like a skid steer would.

Will it fit my Telehandler?

We can provide a Telehandler to skid steer adapter for nearly all modern telehandlers. After you order your adapter, we will reach out to you to get the year make and model of your telehandler so we can ensure a proper fit.

Skid steer attachments are built to be universal, so the skid steer side of the adapter will fit any modern full size skid steer attachment. The two locking pins on the skid steer adapter will have manual levers.

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