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Grapple Bucket Severe Duty | Blue Diamond


Grapple Bucket- Severe Duty

The Severe Duty- Grapple Bucket from Blue Diamond model mixes features from our demolition series, our extreme duty model, and some new features to offer one of the most efficient and long-lasting grapple buckets in the market. The bolt-on-sides allows the operator to contain more material if needed or remove them for handling longer products like pipe or trees. This brutal grapple develops from years of facts from demolition contractors and recyclers. 
The pivot points are created for the heavy continuous use seen in large recycling and scrap metal facilities. The pivot pins are housed in bushings with grease fittings, which are 1.25 in diameter. The upper clamps use 2 heavy gauge cross members and a solid plate protects the bottom of the cylinder. It has a no-pinch hose routing that will help prevent downtime from crushed hoses.
These grapples are best suited for Demolition, Recycling, Transfer stations, Tree work or wood processing, Industrial use. It weighs between 875 - 1, 066 lbs depending on the model.
The cylinder tower construction and the floor of the grapple are two areas given special attention in this model. These are high-impact areas in this application. The floor is heavily reinforced with braces underneath that transfer the force to the rear cross tube. 


  • Demolition
  • Recycling
  • Transfer stations
  • Tree work or wood processing
  • Industrial use


  • No pinch hose routing
  • Bolt-on-side
  • 3/4" top tines
  • Heavily reinforced top clamps
  • Weight 875 - 1, 066 lbs depending on model

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