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Kubota SVL75 Attachments

Looking to take your Kubota SVL75 skid steer to the next level? Then check out this article for a rundown of some of the best attachments specifically designed for your Kubota! Whether you're digging trenches, grading, or clearing brush, we've got the perfect attachment to make your SVL75 work even harder (so you don't have to).

The Kubota SVL75-2 - Everyone's Favourite Skid Steer

The Kubota SVL75-2 compact track loader was introduced in 2018. It was an updated version of the original SVL75 model, featuring improvements such as a larger cab with enhanced visibility, increased hydraulic flow, and a more powerful engine.

The SVL75-2 has continued to be a popular choice for construction and agricultural workers. Let's take a look at why:

Engine Power

The Kubota SVL75-2 is powered by a 4-cylinder turbocharged 74.3-horsepower engine.

Looking closer at the engine specs, you'll find that the engine bore is 94mm, and the stroke is 120mm. The long stroke compared to the bore gives the Kubota SVL75-2 more torque compared to similar engine designs with wider pistons and shorter strokes.

The SVL75-2 uses a "common rail system," which electronically times and meters the amount of fuel delivered to each cylinder, providing excellent fuel efficiency and less engine noise.

Kubota Diesel Engine

Hydraulic Power

Not only do you need engine horsepower to get the most out of your skid steer, but you also need hydraulic power to run many attachments.

The Kubota SVL-75-2 comes with standard-flow hydraulics and optional high-flow hydraulics. The standard flow hydraulics have a 17.4 GPM flow rate, while optional high flow increases the flow rate to 29.3 GPM. In either model, the hydraulic pressure is set to run at around 3185 PSI.

Determining how much hydraulic horsepower you will achieve with standard or high-flow hydraulics can be done by multiplying the PSI by the GPM and dividing by 1714.

Doing the math, we can see that a standard-flow Kubota SVL-75-2 will have 32 hydraulic horsepower, while the high-flow model will have 54 hydraulic horsepower, nearly a 60% increase!

Learn more at Kubota USA.

Kubota skid steer hydraulics

Kubota SVL75 Brush Cutter

Whether you have standard or high-flow hydraulics on your SVL75, Blue Diamond's Severe Duty Brush Cutter is perfect for the Kubota SVL75.

Standard Flow SVL75 Brush Cutter

For customers with a standard flow SVL75 who are looking for an aggressive brush cutter, we recommend Blue Diamond's Low Flow Severe Duty Brush Cutter.

Blue Diamond's low-flow severe-duty brush cutter is designed to be operated with a hydraulic flow rate between 16 and 26 gallons per minute and features an open front cutting deck and 500-pound serrated blade carriers with four blades.

Based on the hydraulic flow rate and pressure, the standard flow SVL75 produces 32 hydraulic horsepower. This is roughly 40% of the skid steer's total horsepower, leaving plenty of power to lift the cutter and maneuver the skid steer through the toughest terrain.

High-Flow SVL75 Brush Cutter

Blue Diamond produces a mid-size severe-duty brush cutter rated for 27 and 25 gallons per minute - perfect for the high-flow SVL75.

A high-flow SVL75 produces approximately 55 hydraulic horsepower, which is approximately 72% of the skid steer's entire horsepower. This is the perfect power ratio for customers who want fast spool-up times, shorter blade carrier recovery times, and who will be operating on fairly flat terrain.

Severe Duty Open Front Brush Cutter

Severe Duty Open Front Brush Cutter 10" Cap by Blue Diamond

Extreme Duty Open Front Brush Cutter

Extreme Duty Open Front Brush Cutter 6-8" Cap By Blue Diamond

Kubota SVL75 Pick Up Broom

Pick-up broom attachments are perfect for residential and construction site clean-up, and the SVL75 is the perfect host machine.

When deciding on a pick-up broom attachment for your SVL75, you'll want to go with a 72" or 78" model to cover the 68" track width. You'll also need to decide whether you need a water kit or not. See our recommendations below.

Pick Up Broom Without A Water Kit

If you don't need a water kit with your pick-up broom for your SVL75, we recommend McLaren's 72" Pick-Up Broom.

The price of McLaren's pick-up broom offers exceptional value for a high-quality, made-in-America attachment. The high-performance Parker Hannifin hydraulic motor is rated for 11 to 20 gallons per minute, perfect for the standard-flow SVL75.

McLaren fits their pick-up brooms with 26" bristles, 2" longer than many competitors. The longer bristles provide a longer lifespan and higher efficiency when sweeping up loose material.

Pick-up Broom for a Kubota SVL75

Pick Up Broom With A Water Kit

If you need to keep the dust and debris down while using your pick-up broom, you'll need a water kit to go with it. In this case, we recommend Blue Diamond's 72" Series 2 Pick-Up Broom with a water kit.

Blue Diamond's Series 2 pick-up broom is built to last. The Made-In-America design has 6" oversized bearings, a heavy 2" main shaft, and a 7" tall front crash bar. The piston motor is designed for flow rates between 15 and 25 gallons per minute, perfect for the SVL75.

The optional water kit has a low profile and sits perfectly on top of the broom, keeping the skid steer operator's view unobstructed.

The water kit holds 37 gallons and has an impressive 40-minute run time on the 72" model. All hydraulic hoses and electrical harnesses are included with the broom.

Kubota SVL75 Grading Blade

You might be able to grade with a bucket for the odd job, but any professional contractor knows that there is no replacing a professional grading attachment. For those who own an SVL75, we recommend Skeer's Pro Plus grading system.

Kubota SVL75 Grading Blade

Skeer Pro Plus

Skeer Systems Pro Plus is the perfect grading attachment for the Kubota SVL75. The Pro Plus can be configured with a tilt plate, laser assist, or complete machine control with 3D guidance.

Skeer Systems recommends a minimum of 60 horsepower for the Pro Plus. The SVL75's extra 15 horsepower above the minimum allows for high performance, even with the added weight of the tilt plate and/or machine control-ready components.

Upon delivery, the owner can easily adjust the Pro Plus to ground level so that when the loader arms are all the way down, you know you're grading consistently at the surface level. The 18" wide AR400 cutting edge gives the grading blade 18 square feet of ground contact with the wings extended, eliminating the need for clumsy wheels seen on other graders.

Most SVL75 owners will purchase the optional tilt plate and laser assist with their Pro Plus. This allows the operator to tilt the blade hydraulically (clockwise and counterclockwise) and control the height and slope of the grade manually with a laser receiver on the attachment.

Kubota SVL75 Six Way Dozer Blade

Construction companies clearing land in the summer and snow in the winter will benefit from a six-way dozer blade. But which one is best for your SVL75? Take a look below.

Dirt and Snow

If you're looking to clear dirt in the summer and snow in the winter, Blue Diamond's 84" Six-Way Dozer Blade with the optional trip springs is the best six-way dozer blade for a Kubota SVL75.

The optional trip spring kit can be used in the winter to protect the blade from damage if you were to hit a solid object hidden in the snow. The trip springs can be removed in the summer to keep the dozer blade rigid for moving dirt.

With Blue Diamond's 84" Six-Way Dozer Blade angled to the maximum amount, the working width of the blade is 72.5". This allows you to fully angle the blade and still cover your 68" track width.

Dirt Only

If you are only planning on moving dirt, you don't need to worry about the optional trip spring kit. In that case, we recommend McLaren's 84" 6-Way Dozer Blade with power tilt.

This dozer blade offers a great trade-off between price and quality and is usually kept in stock for fast shipping. It features greaseable wear parts and a replaceable wear-resistant cutting edge.

Finance Your Kubota SVL75 Attachments

Whether you are looking for new attachments for your Kubota SVL75 or even if you are still planning on purchasing your skid steer, we can help with financing.

We are partnered with CIT Bank and can provide instant business financing for customers looking to add equipment to their business.

Written by Cohen Meyer
Cohen Meyer is a product researcher and content contributor for Skid Steers Direct. Cohen has spent over 12,000 hours operating skid steers, telehandlers, excavators and tractors. He is a former business owner, certified welder and a self proclaimed tech geek.

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