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Industrial Work Platform - Haugen Attachments


Industrial Work Platform

Haugen's Industrial Work Platform is taking your company to new heights with American built man basket. Do not be worried about having your next OSHA inspection turn into a nightmare because Haugen builds every attachment to comply with their requirements. How do they do that? By having the owner of Haugen being part of the OSHA comity. They keep up with all the new requirements and make sure your next Work Platform from Haugen keeps you violation-free.

These Platforms come easy to assemble and disassemble with no tools required and can easily be transported with collapsible railings. The heavy-duty meshed floor can have many years of durability and dependability. Another feature that increased safety is the sting-loaded doors that are self-closing and latching. All work platforms come with the standard 2.75” by 7.75” fork pockets, Although larger pockets are available upon request.

If you’re looking for a dependable and safe work platform for you and your workers, Haugen has you covered. 


  • Collapsible Sides for easy assembly and disassembly.
  • Heavy Duty Steel Mesh Floor
  • Safety Restraint Tie Downs
  • Industrial hinges and latches
  • Spring Loaded Doors are self-latching/self-closing, allowing the doors to remain rigid and sturdy.
  • Fork Pockets to fit fork tines up to 2.75" x 7.75".
  • Heavy Duty Fork Pins secure the platform to the fork tines.
  • Safety Pins attached to secure side railings.
  • Transport Pockets on the right side are standard (except MWP 4x4) for loading and unloading ONLY.
  • Meets and/or exceeds ANSI/OSHA B56.6-2016 standards
  • Meets and/or exceeds CSA B335-04 standards

Safety Features:

  • Safety pins are standard for all side rails. Each pin is attached to the rail by a cable to prevent losing the safety pins.
  • Spring Loaded Doors gives the door extra strength and allows the door to remain rigid at all times.
  • Safety Restraint Tie-Down is standard on all platforms. This gives you a safe place to connect your safety harnesses.
  • Right Hand Transport Pockets are standard to make it easy to transport your platform. To be used for loading and unloading only.
  • Pins Over Your Fork Tines Each pin is chained to the platform. Fits to most Telehandlers.

Platform Options:

  • Large Pockets fit 3.50" x 9.50" forks
  • High Back Railing 60" tall (required on Vertical Mast Forklifts)


            Model Number





            MWP 4x4


            1 Door

            1,000 lbs.

            395 lbs.

            MWP 4x6  


            1 Door

            1,000 lbs.

            487 lbs.

            MWP 4x8


            2 Doors

            1,000 lbs.

            578 lbs.

            MWP 4x116


            2 Doors

            1,000 lbs.

            630 lbs.


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