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Haugen Attachments

Smart Hooks - Haugen Attachments

Smart Hooks

Patent Pending # 62/412,271

Smart Hook technology sends a wireless signal to a handheld monitor, tablet, or cell phone. This gives the operator the weight of each load they have to move.

This Smart Hooks from Haugen Attachments Easily fits onto any lifting attachment. This smart hook has a capacity of 14,000 pounds. The monitor comes with a padded carrying case for protection that updates every 3 seconds and displays in pounds or tonne. 

"Think Quality - Think Safety - Think Haugen"


  • Battery life is 60 hours continuous use
  • Operating temperature = (-10 to +50 C°; 14 to 122° F)
  • Range is 2,300 feet
  • Environmental protection IP 65
  • Large numbers
  • Displays in pounds or tonne
  • Live load
  • Updates every 3 seconds
  • It comes with a padded carrying case

Load Shackle

  • The smart hooks accuracy is <+/- 1.0%
  • Battery life is 1,200 hours continuous use
  • Operating temperature = (-10 to +50° C; 14 to 122° F)
  • The environmental protection level is IP 67
  • Transmission distance 2,300 feet (clear line of sight)
  • 10 lbs. resolution

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