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Walk Through Frame - Rail Style Pallet Forks - Haugen


Walk Through Frame - Rail Style Pallet Forks

This Rail Style Pallet Forks from Haugen is made for skid-steer loaders. Unlike other regular Pallet Forks, these Forks and Frames are built heavy and will give you years of dependability and durability. Plus, Haugen Pallet Forks are 100% made in the USA with American steel to assure quality. For better load support and increased capacity, Fork Tines are flushed with the Brick Guard. The Brick Guard is also has a built-in roll back angle to maximise stability and lifting capacity.

It is available in 5 variants with Heavy-Duty reinforced top and bottom rails. 

"Think Quality - Think Safety - Think Haugen" 

Walk Through Features

  • Fork Tines are flush with the Brick Guard for better load support and increased capacity.
  • Heavy-Duty reinforced top and bottom rails
  • Adjustable tines from 0 to 45 inches
  • 5000 lbs and 6000 lbs capacity models available
  • Brick Guards have a 10-degree angle built-in to maximize your Skid-Steers roll back and lifting capacity
  • 1-year warranty
  • Made in the USA


    • Optional 60 inch Wide Brick Guards
    • 60 inch tines available on 6000 lbs brick guards


      Model Fork Length
      Fork Size
      Lift Capacity
      MPF 42-10-W 42 Inch
      1.5" x 4"
      350 lbs
      5000 lbs.
      MPF 48-10-W 48 Inch
      1.5" x 4"
      360 lbs
      5000 lbs.
      MHPF 48-W
      48 Inch 1.75" x 4"
      455 lbs
      6000 lbs.
      MHPF 60-W
      60 Inch
      1.75" x 4"
      490 lbs
      6000 lbs.

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