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Scrap Grapple for Skid Steer - Haugen Attachments


Demoing Grapple Bucket for Skid Steer 

This Scrap Grapple Bucket is made to handle some of the toughest materials at the job site. Whether you're demoing a small building or using it at a scrap yard this bucket can handle it. It's heavily built throughout the attachment and comes with a universal skid steer mount with hoses and couplers. It comes standard with a weld-on high carbon cutting edge that allows you to add an optional cutting edge if needed. The hydraulic cylinders are industrial grade and can be used independently to get a grip on that cumbersome debris.

This grapple comes in a range of sizes from 72”, 78”, and 84”. The buckets are built with thick American steel and it shows with the smallest bucket weighing 998 pounds and the largest weighing 1110 pounds. The side edges are rounded to allow a nice resting area for logs, poles, and wide awkward debris. If you would like to add a bolt-on cutting edge or a bolt-on tooth bar, get in contact with us to package the right Scrap Grapple Bucket for you.

"Think Quality - Think Safety - Think Haugen" Made in the USA

Scrap Grapple Bucket Features

  • Designed for a general clean up and scrap yards
  • Independent grapples allow for uneven loads
  • 2 1/2” x 10” Industrial Cylinders
  • It comes standard with a weld-on high carbon edge and a 5/8” x 8” bolt-on cutting edge.
  • 1-year warranty
  • Made in the USA


  • Bolt-on cutting edge (3/4" x 8" Double Bevel)
  • Bolt-on tooth bar with replaceable teeth


        Model Grapple Opening Bucket Depth  Bucket Width Weight
        MSG 72 37.75” 38.00” 72 inches 995 lbs
        MSG 78 37.75” 38.00” 78 inches 1055 lbs
        MSG 84 37.75” 38.00” 84 inches 1110 lbs

        Price Match Guarantee includes the item price and the shipping charges, it excludes sales tax.