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Forklift Self-Dump Buckets - Star Industries


Turn your forklift into a loader!

This Forklift Self-Dump Buckets from Star Industries installs in minutes and is the ideal solution for loading loose stuff. No adjustment to the forklift is required. A hydraulic dump selection is also available.

Manual Self-Dump Buckets

No changes or hydraulics are required. Simply slide the bucket on the forks and inject the pins to lock it on. The bucket can be released with the handle at the back of the bucket or through the seat of the operator with the remote rope release. Decreasing the bucket to the ground resets the bucket for the following load. The safety lock stops accidental tripping of the bucket release throughout transport.

the perfect solution for loading loose material

Hydraulic Self-Dump Buckets

The Hydraulic self-dump bucket presents precise control of the flow. Hydraulic flow from the forklift is needed (hydraulic control valve not included). If the forklift is packed with a hydraulic side shift, flow from that valve can typically be redirected to the bucket cylinder.

The Hydraulic self-dump bucket provides precise control of the discharge


Designed for 48 inches forks

The universal, slip-on-the-fork model can be utilized with any make and model of extendable-reach forklift that is equipped with standard 48 inch long forks. The bucket skids onto the forks and is secured with pins back the heel. Because the carriage and forks remain on the forklift, there is a lesser chance of loss or damage to the forks. This design highlights a deeper bucket, making the transport of irregular-shaped loads easier.

  • Accepts forks up to 7 inches wide x 2 ½ inches thick x 48 inches long
  • The positive locking method keeps the bucket secured to forks
  • Chain & Grab Hook wraps throughout the carriage as a secondary safety measure
  • Bucket approx. 51 inches deep

Manual Self-Dump Buckets

Model Width Capacity Weight
1440SD 45” ID ¼ cuyd 420 lbs
1445SD 45” ID ½ cuyd 525 lbs
1472SD 72” ID ¾ cuyd 668 lbs
1484SD 84” ID 1 cuyd 790 lbs

Hydraulic Self-Dump Buckets

Model Width Capacity Weight
1445SDH 45” ID ½ cuyd 600 lbs
1472SDH 72” ID ¾ cuyd 760 lbs
1484SDH 84” ID 1 cuyd 860 lbs

* Specify length, thickness and width of forks when ordering

Bucket in Dump Position

Applies to Manual and Hydraulic

dump position diagram

Capacity A B C D
¼ cuyd 57″ 18″ 19″ 60°
½ cuyd 65″ 25″ 23″ 52°
¾ cuyd 65″ 25″ 23″ 52°
1 cuyd 65″ 25″ 23″ 52°

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