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Pro Plus OS | Skid Steer Grading Attachment | Skeer System

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The most popular push and grade attachment by Skeer System is The Pro Plus Oversize. The Pro Plus OS is designed for ultimate precision and accuracy for those critical jobs. This grading attachment comes with three particular patents that only Skeer System offers. The Traction Level Adjustment, superior flat cutting edge design, and the central plate and wings on a pivot design.

The Pro-Plus OS allows for horizontal and vertical pivoting up to 60 degrees, which means an 8-way attachment that can do ”V” shapes in only one push. Two independent wings are adjustable, grade at an angle as the base remains level, offering extreme versatility in any job.

Electrical harnesses are available for every machine model with each purchase.

The Pro Plus Oversize Features and Specifications

  • Universal skid steer quick attach mount
  • Hydraulic safety features
  • Level and grade any surfaces with ease
  • Forward or reverse capability
  • Hardox 450 removable cutting edge
  • Designed for maximum versatility and efficiency  (Push ‘N’ Grade)
  • 60 degree vertical and horizontal pivot
  • 2 independent side wings that can be set at different angles
  • Ground Traction level adjustment
  • Flat cutting edge in contact with ground
  • Central blade pivot assembled with polymer for reduced wear
  • Side Wing blade pivot assembled with polymer for reduced wear
  • Capable of digging below ground for more aggressive application
  • Resists digging and holding
  • Corrosion resistant powder coated
  • Electrical harness included with purchase 


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