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Hydraulic Breaker Skid Steer | Blue Diamond



Total supremacy is the only way to describe this breaker!

After 5 years of journey to develop this Hydraulic Breaker from Blue Diamond it is now available in the market. This “hammer” design offers simplicity, technology, ease of setup, reliability, and service support. Get started on your demolition, construction, and quarry jobs now, no more downtime. This Hydraulic Breaker comes with hoses, mounts, and one free tool, and 3 years warranty. 

It has an anti-blank firing system hydraulic brake, no regassing is needed. It operates quietly with only 2 internal moving parts. 


  • 3 year warranty
  • Mono-block design / no tie rods
  • Anti-blank firing system hydraulic brake
  • No re-gassing needed
  • Only 2 internal moving parts
  • 2 speed control / variable stroke
  • Quiet Operation
  • Self-regulating
  • Body bushings around piston
 SKU Model Working Pressure Max Oil Flow Frequency BPM Weight lbs Tool Diameter EnergyClass
135005 HB50 1750 7 1200 135 1.5" 90
135009 HB95 1750 11 1200 220 1.8" 200
135016 HB165 1750 13 1200 370 2.2" 200
135021 HB210 1750 16 1100 463 2.5" 400
135030 HB300 1750 21.2 1100 661 2.9" 550
135040 HB400 1750 29.2 900 882 3.1" 1000
135053 HB530 1750 32 900 1169 3.3 1200


Q. What does Monoblock mean?
A. ‘Monoblock’ refers to the housing in which the piston operates. The Blue Diamond Breaker housing is one piece, so it doesn’t use 4 tie-rods to hold it together like the majority of other brands. Tie-rods are notorious for stretching and breaking, causing mass destruction to the tool.

Q. Do I really not need to adjust the flow and pressure of my machine?
A. Yes, as long as you are operating a breaker on the right size host machine. Industry-leading technology components will control incoming and outgoing flows to specified amounts.

Q. What are the sleeves inside the Monoblock for?
A. The sleeves are there to protect the Monoblock in the event of piston damage, and if damaged, they are cheap and simple to replace. The very few brands that use Monoblock technology now do not use sleeves, so a repair could cost almost as much as the breaker.

Q. Do I have to re-gas when servicing?
A. No, the accumulator can be removed as an assembly and not be disturbed; the energy recovery system keeps it from needing to be topped up!

Q. In order to have my 3-year warranty honored, do I have to have it serviced by a dealer regularly?
A. No, unless it develops an oil leak, do not take it apart at all, just grease it and use it!

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