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Heavy Duty Self-Dump Hoppers - Star Industries


A Star Industries Self-Dump Hopper is the ideal way to collect, dispose and move waste around the job site.

Built from rough heavy-duty ¼ and 3/16 steel plate (not poor sheet metal) the hopper can take lots of punishment, and the great caster wheels (optional) make it easy to wheel around the job place.

Easy to maneuver Self-Dump Hopper

Self Dump Hopper Features

These safety features are usually on all Star self-dump hoppers:

  • Rope Release - This can be used to trip the hopper from the operator’s seat or the ground.
  • Safety Lock - Prevents unintentional discharge when conveying a load. Must be released before hopper will dump.
  • Safety Chain & Locking Grab Hook - Settles hopper to a forklift and prevents hopper from unintentionally sliding off forks.
  • Release Handle - Located at the back of the hopper it can be used to dump the load.

    Hopper Options

    Heavy-Duty Casters | Model 1000-0510

    Optional heavy-duty steel casters featuring 8 inches in diameter polyurethane wheels with roller bearing

    heavy duty casters

    Hopper Options

    Lifting Hooks | Model 1800-LH

    Optional Lifting Hooks (eyes) for handling hoppers with a crane

    Note: Hopper can not be released while suspended with a crane.

    lifting hooks

      Model Capacity Weight Capacity (w/o casters) Base Dimensions Top Dimensions Overall Height
      (w/o casters)
      (w/o casters)
      Fork Opening Width Fork Opening Height
      1805N ½ cuyd. 4,000 lbs. 42” x 32” 49” x 32” 36”
      Lowest Lip -30.25″
      460 lbs 23 ½” 2 ¾” ID
      1810 1 cuyd. 6,000 lbs. 48” x 39” 62” x 39” 39”
      Lowest Lip -30.25″
      645 lbs 30 ¼” 2 ¾” ID
      1815 1 ½ cuyd. 6,000 lbs. 55” x 43” 67” x 45” 46”
      Lowest Lip -30.25″
      795 lbs 35 ½” 2 ¾” ID
      1820 2 cuyd. 6,000 lbs. 57” x 58” 66” x 57” 48”
      Lowest Lip -30.25″
      965 lbs 32” 2 ¾” ID
      1825 2 ½ cuyd. 6,000 lbs. 57” x 58” 67” x 57” 55”
      Lowest Lip -30.25″
      995 lbs 32” 2 ¾” ID

      Note: Weight capacity of hoppers with casters is 4,000 lbs less the weight of the hopper.


      Star Products are warranted to the original purchaser against defective workmanship and/or materials (when properly installed, used, and maintained) for a period as specified below from date of delivery to the customer by an authorized Star Dealer or direct from Star Industries. This warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, normal wear and tear, or acci- dental damage.
      5 Year Warranty:All Star products except as noted below
      (Includes HD Auger Drives and most non-hydraulic products)
      2 Year Warranty:Medium Duty Auger Drives
      1 Year Warranty:Auger Bits and Auger Accessories (excludes auger drives), Crane Forks, Grapples, Angle Broom, Self Dumping Hoppers, Replacement Forks, and Over the Bucket Forks.
      6 Months Warranty:Concrete Mixers


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