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Heavy Duty High Capacity Utility Skid Steer Buckets - Star Industries


Heavy Duty High Capacity Utility Skid Steer Buckets excellent for all types of applications

This Heavy Duty High Capacity Utility Skid Steer Buckets from Star Industries is made to last. It’s built with extra heavy-duty steel, fully welded seams, and strengthened hat section and side blades to increase and protect bucket sides. The bucket’s bottom is set near to the ground for level ‘back dragging’ (landscapers enjoy it!).

  • The strong hat section provides unyielding strength across the entire top of the bucket.
  • Steel side blades strengthen and protect bucket sides.
  • Seams Fully welded ceaseless weld inside and outside of shell seams provides more powerful strength and longer life.
  • Low Profile form operator can see the leading side from the seat. Other profiles are also available to choose from.
  • Beveled hard carbon steel punched blade on leading-edge ½” x 6” or ¾” x 6” depending on bucket girth.
  • Buckets are designed to fit each brand of loader even though all new skid-steer loaders use a universal quick-tach they demand different bucket profiles for proper execution. Star buckets are made to match your specific make & model of a skid-steer loader.
  • Strong Universal Quick-Tach built of 3/8” plate steel to endure up to the new more powerful skid-steer loaders.
  • Heavy (½” x 3”) scuff bars 3 - 5 bars, depending on girth, reinforce bucket bottom, and guard against excessive wear.
  • Dual Safety Steps
  • Square bottom allows “back dragging” to level your work. Sets near to the ground. Landscapers enjoy it.

    Heavy-duty Teeth


    Available options

    • Punched blade with bolt-on-blade: The reversible ⅝” x 8” bolt-on-blade gives 3 times the wear
    • Heavy-duty teeth: Features ‘pin-on’ series 23 teeth that measure 2¼ “across the point


    Heavy Duty Skid Steer Buckets - Product Sheet


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