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Heavy Duty Forklift Buckets - Star Industries - Telehandler & Forklifts


Turn your forklift into a loader and reach places where loaders can’t!

The Star Industries Forklift Bucket is designed for extendable-reach forklifts, making it easy to place materials in hard-to-reach places like elevated positions and behind high walls.

Deep buckets are heavy duty 

Quick Tach

Quick-Tach connects directly to the end of the boom for a safe and strong connection. Removal of the forks and carriage system saves 700 to 1,000 lbs, enabling the telehandler to lift heavier loads.

  • Attaches directly to end of boom by means of telehandler quick-tach
  • Available for most forklifts
connects directly to the end for a safe and strong connection 


Designed for 48" forks

The universal, slip-on-the-fork model can be used with any make and model of extendable-reach forklift that is equipped with standard 48” long forks. The bucket slides on to the forks and secured with pins behind the heel. Because the forks and carriage remain on the forklift, there’s less chance of damage or loss to the forks. This design features a deeper bucket, making transport of irregular shaped loads easier.

  • Accepts forks up to 7" wide x 2 ½" thick x 48" long
  • Positive locking system keeps bucket secured to forks
  • Chain & Grab Hook wraps around carriage as a secondary safety measure
  • Bucket approx. 51" deep

Quick-Tach Buckets

Gehl Dynacarrier, JCB QFit and Pettibone quick-tachs require HB or HC series buckets

Model Width Capacity Weight
1460 60” 0.80 cuyd ± 640 lbs
1460HB 60” 1.00 cuyd ± 754 lbs
1472 72” 1.00 cuyd ± 715 lbs
1472HB 72” 1.25 cuyd ± 840 lbs
1496 95” 1.25 cuyd ± 875 lbs
1496HB 95” 1.65 cuyd ± 1020 lbs
1496HC 95” 2.00 cuyd ± 1290 lbs.


Slip-on-the-Forks Buckets

Model Width Capacity Weight
1400B 60″ 1.00 cuyd 555 lbs
1406B 72″ 1.20 cuyd 610 lbs
1408B 95″ 1.60 cuyd 740 lbs
1408BHC 95″ 2.00 cuyd 900 lbs

Fork Pocket Size: 48″ long x 7¾” x 3″ ID Center to Center of Fork Pockets: 38″ Pocket Ends are closed

Star Products are warranted to the original purchaser against defective workmanship and/or materials (when properly installed, used, and maintained) for a period as specified below from date of delivery to the customer by an authorized Star Dealer or direct from Star Industries. This warranty does not cover misuse, abuse, normal wear and tear, or acci- dental damage.
5 Year Warranty:All Star products except as noted below
(Includes HD Auger Drives and most non-hydraulic products)
2 Year Warranty:Medium Duty Auger Drives
1 Year Warranty:Auger Bits and Auger Accessories (excludes auger drives), Crane Forks, Grapples, Angle Broom, Self Dumping Hoppers, Replacement Forks, and Over the Bucket Forks.
6 Months Warranty:Concrete Mixers

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