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Blue Diamond

Drum Mulcher | Blue Diamond


Drum Mulcher

This Drum Mulcher from Blue Diamond is created for clearing brush and heavy mulching with a 60″ cut width. With its 34-tooth cutting drum, knows no parallel. No job is too big or small for this skid steer, from clearing acres of dense trees to site prep.

The hydraulic motor case has overpressure protection. It also has long-life heavy-duty drum bearings. The total weight is 2,460 lbs.

It utilizes cutting drum bearings and an overhung load adapter which are the same components used in 300, 400, and 600 hp mulcher heads. The head can be configured to be installed on a close or open-loop hydraulic system, which provides versatility based on the machine you operate. With its unique design, it also allows the debris to be shed in minimal accumulation.

Requires: 35-52 GPM high flow


  • Low profile tooth anvil (carbide compatible)
  • Secondary edge guard on the tooth anvil
  • Heavy-duty overhung load adapter
  • Hydraulic motor case overpressure protection (COP)
  • Heavy-duty synchronous drive belt
  • Serrated push bar
  • Optional gate
  • Weight: 2,460 lbs
  • Long-life heavy-duty drum bearings
  • Single 1-inch high grade bolt tooth fastening system
  • Reversible chipping tooth (4 times-Standard Tooth, 2 times- Carbide tooth)
  • Tooth anvil with secondary edge guard
  • Danfoss H1B 110cc 2 speed motor

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